Saturday, April 10, 2010

To My Son

I've been very uninspired as of late. In this dull state I'm in, I am definitely lacking my usual sense of humour about my son's antics. However, because it was my son's birthday on Thursday, I felt like it was necessary to say......something at least.

So, for anyone who feels like reading a serious post about my son, click here.

And, for anyone who wants to read a little funnier tale, click here.

And, for those who don't want to read any of these, well, he's still my same lovable, wonderful, stinkified young man who just happens to now be six.

By the way, if I were to use the same theme as I did for my daughter, who is Sunday's Child, my son is Thursday's Child, and it......well....., it worries me a bit. Because, Thursday's child has far to go......

Ahhh, but how I love him.


Rachel said...

You sound very Christ-like, Darla. We has His children have so far to go, and yet how He loves us. What comfort we take in knowing that, and I'm sure Seth knows that whatever he does, no matter how upset he makes you, you will always love him.

Arif Ammar said...
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Rachel Peterson said...

And you get the local culture giving their two cents about it. (I am sure they said you are a fantastic mother who adores her children, and is to be admired) :)

Darla said...

Thanks, RG.

RP, you made me laugh out loud! Thanks for making my day.