Monday, April 26, 2010

Nonstop Talking

Seth talks all day. Whether anybody is listening is of little consequence, as long as he can finish his thought. I find myself tuning him out (bad mom that I am) because he just won't stop talking. When I ask him to stop, he won't until he finishes whatever thought or story he happens to be in the middle of.

He just happens to have A LOT of stories.

He also asks a kazillion questions. Every day I go to bed with a tired brain because sometimes his questions confound me. Whenever possible, like any good wife, I tell him to "go ask your dad".

Recently he has been interested in skeletons (of course because Whit found a skeleton in a hidden room in the basement at Whit's End), prompting him to ask about where all the bones are in the body. Sometimes I have to look up the answers on the internet.

Tonight while I was looking at a travel magazine, he wanted to know where Prince Edward Island was. I lazily told him it was "very far away". His translation:

"Dad, dad! Did you know that Prince Edward Island is in SOUF AMERICA!"

While doing something in his bedroom tonight, he yelled out to me,


My reassurances that they could not then prompted a further inquiry as to "why not?".

Being recently interested in the fact that both Jesus and Peter walked ON the water (causing him to try this little experiment himself while in the bathtub......and finding out that he, uh, couldn't.....) made him wonder whether or not Jesus could "walk in the sky?"

Of course, a simple "yes" wasn't sufficient. Instead, I tried to expand his mind further with my profound wisdom by telling him of the awesomeness of Jesus, that Jesus could, in fact, hold the ENTIRE UNIVERSE in His hand.

His response?

"I know, I know, mom. After all, Jesus made skeletons. AND, He even put skin on them!"

Profound wisdom from the mouth of a six-year-old.


Rachel Peterson said...

He always has the most earnest of expressions on his face as he is talking too! It is so funny.

Rachel Goff said...

And we wonder what they are thinking when they're supposed to be sleeping! Well, now we know. Aren't kids wonderful? Imagine what it would be like if they watched tv- no imagination; no questions; no creativity. Sometimes, ya just gotta shake your head!!! Love, RG