Monday, April 12, 2010

Missing Books

I have a dilemma. I have six {GULP....} missing library books of the kids' and I have not been able to find them for TWO months, although we have searched high and low. I can't really blame either of the kids since they have always been good at returning them to our library book corner in the past. The blame could just as well lie with me for forgetting them somewhere.

It is beyond fortunate that at the beginning of 2010, the library changed their fine schedule so that there are no fines at all on children's books. They did this so as not to discourage children from reading because of accumulated fines. They made up the difference by increasing the fines on adult material.

However, because I have not been able to find these books, I felt it was only right to go to the library today to pay for the lost books. They agreed that because the books were "lost" and not just "overdue" anymore, that they had to be paid for.

They then told me that I owed them $180.00!!!!!!!!

For SIX children's books (I'm talking about easy reading books that I can buy for $5.00 to $10.00 each easily) and they want to charge me $30.00 per book?!!! Even Hannah's hardcover Nancy Drews or Trixie Beldens are nowhere close to $30.00 brand new.

I told them that this would not be happening. I fully expected to pay minimum of $10.00 per book, but their price was highway robbery.

They were kind. They told me I could take the matter up with the specific branch I borrowed the books from - which had been different - and that in all likelihood I wouldn't have to pay the full $30.00. They also told me I could take out books for the kids on my card without penalty. Since the kids have been without library books for two months (and I don't know that it is their fault), we took out some books for the kids today.

And I became the librarian. Much to the delight of the kids, who enjoyed this game very much.

I told them that every book taken out of our library book corner had to be checked out through me - the librarian - and returned back through me before exchanging the book for another one.

Because, even though this hasn't happened in the four years we've been taking kids books out, I am not taking a chance that this is going to happen again. The search for the missing library books will definitely continue.

There are a couple of young people who go to my church whom I will not name (but who, if they read this, will know I am talking about them) that are the king and queen of sweet talking their way out of library fines. I really need to take one of them with me when I go to the other library to negotiate on a fair price. For.......I feel very confident I will come away without any fine at all if I have one of these unnamed people with me.

And that would be sweet.


Rachel Peterson said...

Ahem. Talk to the lady in the Children's section, main library. She is nice. Not that I would know or anything.

Darla said...

I was at the main library today, they told me to go to J.S. Wood because that's where I took them out.

"Not that I would know or anything..." that's funny. Worried that someone would think you are the Queen I'm talking about?

Rachel Peterson said...

Haha I have talked my way out of many fines, somehow. Im not really a charming person, so I don't understand it lol. Jenna is more the sweet innocent little face...not me.

Mrs. Wizzle said...

Talking out of fines and talking out of buying the books is two different things. Offer to replace them if you can buy them cheaper. They also charge a handling fee of 5 dollars at our library on top of the cost of the book. Yup, I am experienced. Hard covered books are costly.

Darla said...

The problem with that Mrs. Wizzle is that I have no idea which six books these are because they are "uncatalogued" items. They are only known for their code at the library. They can tell me which section of the library (which is how I know they are easy reading, soft cover kid's books), but not which books. I had already thought of that - just buying the book myself, and would, if they could tell me which ones they are.

To be honest, I was really joking in my last paragraph (more to tease these "two unnamed individuals"). I really don't expect to get off scott-free, but I do expect to not pay $30.00 per book, either.

Carlee said...

I dont know if it could happen with 6 books from the same return, but occasionally their are mix ups in the back, and some books dont get checked in. I have a friend who worked at the library and she says it does happen... So you could pray that someone tries to take them out, and cant because they havnt been checked in... lol Rachel Ive also heared the childrens librarian at Main is quite nice.... XD

The only other thought I can give is to mention that this has never happened to you before... they can sometimes be more lenient then... But that is absolutely ludicris to charge 30$ a book! Even a CD they said I hadnt returned only cost $25!

Good luck!

Darla said...

Thanks Carlee. I agree it's a ridiculous price. However, I have to confess that I know for sure they are missing from OUR HOUSE because we go through the list diligently when we return them and knew before we left the house that they were missing. I was hoping to find them within the next few weeks after that but, well......haven't.