Monday, November 30, 2009

Dramatic Morning

This morning, Seth waited for me to finish doing my hair in my bedroom because he was afraid to walk by the bathroom alone.

"Did you see the scary hand that was in the bathroom?" he asked me.

"Uh, no," I replied.

So, together we ventured out to pass by the haunted bathroom. As we passed by (with him doing a half run), he again asked me if I saw that scary hand, to which I again replied that I had not.

All this from a kids' imagination. A kid whose scariest thing he ever sees is a ghost on a Freddi Fish CD. And the ghost has no hands.

That was my early morning and an omen of things to come.

While doing school, I got so excited at how well he answered a question that I grabbed him with the intention of giving him a big hug. I think he still had the scary hand on his brain, because he jumped back and hit his head on the wall. After many hugs and kisses to stop the tears, he went to go by me and I accidentally poked his eye. Again this required more kisses to stop the tears.

I was beginning to think his dramatics matched his sister's.

Immediately following the eye poking incident, he went into the living room and smashed his hand on the wall in his haste. Requiring more kisses.

This time he definitely surpassed his sister's natural ability to dramatize.

A couple of minutes passed by. Just as I was beginning to think that things were settling down, his sister came out of her bedroom where she had been doing her school work. She came out with a long pink and blue afghan draped around her neck like a cape. She had decided that she was Queen Esther this morning and was completing her school work as the Queen. On the long tail of her cape were several stuffed animals - her subjects, perhaps - trailing along behind her as subjects are wont to do.

This is when Seth decided he didn't like her subjects. What happened next is hard to tell because I didn't actually see it. What I think happened is that Seth grabbed one of the Queen's subjects and/or stepped on the Queen's cape. Queen Esther - to protect her subjects, of course - pulled her cape from the bandit, causing him to go flying. I think the bandit was partially on the cape because he ended up landing on his left knee.

And all previous dramatics were very mild in comparison.


I sent the Queen to her castle, along with her subjects. We would have a chat later. Meanwhile the little bandit wailed for about five minutes. I checked his knee and it was quite a bit......less than......broken. In fact, I could scarcely see a red mark, although the little bandit pointed out the HUGE RED MARK on his knee.

Amidst his wails he continued kept repeating,


Now what is a mama to say to this? I mean a mama with any sense of humour at all? It was all I could do not to break down and laugh myself silly. As it was, a few chuckles escaped.

And so, with many kisses and hugs, a stern lecture or two, my very interesting morning ends.


Rachel Peterson said...

Seriously, I would have died laughing. I laughed really hard when mom told me. I needed the cheering up today.

Darla said...

This one will go down on my "most memorable list". I still chuckle when I think of it.