Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Boss

I had a delightful evening with my kids. We giggled, talked silly and had a grand time.

During the course of our silliness, my son told me that when he got older, he was going to have "The Boss".

"The Boss?" I asked. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Yeah. And The Boss' name will likely be something like Auntie Laura," he answered. "'Cept maybe I'll name her Cheryl instead," he reasoned. "She'll sit beside me and make me do my school," he informed me.

I am awestruck. You see, Auntie Laura was their schoolteacher today while I was at an appointment. Auntie Laura told me after that she was "very strict with my boy, and that he listened".

My boy is obviously awestruck as well.

I think I'll have this substitute teacher - who obviously made a very big impression - a little more often.

Even if I have to go shopping, or something.....:)


Laura said...

First off, let's clarify why I had to be so strict. I hurt my neck and could`nt have him bouncing all over the place. He listened to me (like most kids do for someone else :) quite well. A little...no a lot rusty on the blends and phonetic rules.

Ahh...the innocence of children! When he tried to sound out pies and made the i a short vowel sound...ya try not to laugh at that one cause Mr. Comedian remembers that and repeats those things that makes people laugh. All in all a very productive day!

Darla said...

Excuse me....he DOES know those rules (since I go over them pretty much every day). He just needs a daily reminder, that's all (he's a boy). Like he does for pretty much ALL of the rules.....

I notices you didn't offer to let me go shopping......

Darla said...

I "notices"....oops.

And I'm homeschooling?

At least I didn't type "could'nt".

Anonymous said...

....Laura did you feel like Miss Beadle? Did you have to use the ruler? I would be a much gentler teacher!! :)


Rachel Peterson said...

Aunty Lana: As IF! You are the one with the most creative threats regarding lip removal, permanently altered rear ends and other sorts of creative violence. My mom is merciful in comparison!! (Although today Seth called mom "the bad mom".)

Darla said...

So, the logical conclusion after Lana and Rachel's comment is......I MUST BE THE NICEST TEACHER/MOM!


(And Laura, I must confess - I misunderstood your comment and realize now that you were saying that YOU'RE rusty on the blends and phonetic rules. For some stupid reason I thought you meant Seth was the rusty one.

Again.....and I'M THE HOMESCHOOLING MOM?!!! Yikes!