Thursday, April 15, 2010


Out of the blue, my son said to me,

"Likewise, mom."

"Likewise?" I asked.

"Yeah. Likewise means "hi"," he answered.

"Hi?" I again asked.

"Yep. When Connie (Adventures in Odyssey) said hi to Mabel, Mabel answered 'likewise'. That's how I know what likewise means."

Well what do you know. I learn something new every day.


Rachel Peterson said...

Who's Mabel?

Darla said...

Mabel was the name of the computer in "A Bite of Applesauce", (when Connie & Eugene both lost their jobs). I think he got the story a little mixed up because I don't think the computer said "likewise". However, that is his interpretation and I still thought it funny.

Rachel R said...

Love Odyssey's! I attribute any bit of expanded vocabulary I may have to Eugene ;)

Darla said...

Rachel R: Greetings and Felicitations! (Something like that....)

Yup. Eugene and his vocabulary make Odyssey even more worthwhile......:)

Laura said...

You know stories like Odyssey are great when your "adult" children still listen too them and can practically quote word for word many of the scenes from the stories. They are great and wait until he starts calling Hannah a "Malladroid"!