Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I walked in the house after work tonight (I work a couple of short shifts two evenings a week at a doctor's office) to my son yelling at me from the bathtub.


I hadn't even taken my shoes off.

I went to the door. He looked at me gravely, then told me to, "Sit down mom. I must talk to you."

Very curious by this time, I sat. He began his story.

"Mom. You'll never guess what. We watched a video tonight about someone in THE MUD! IN THE MUD, MOM! Can you believe it? Mom, it was SO gross that I had to stop watching it! I thought I might ACTUALLY THROW UP, MOM! I mean, they put their FACE in the mud, mom! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! THEIR FACE! I mean, couldn't they DIE if they ATE MUD?"

Refraining from smiling (although I was laughing inside) and rolling my eyes (using my inside-eye-rolling instead), I reassured him that no, you did not die from eating mud.

"When I'm older, mom," he continued, "I'm going to VANQUISH all mud baths, all mud bath pictures, and ALL MUD BATH VIDEOS!"

Vanquish. Yep. Eugene Meltzner the second. I went into the living room to ask his dad what they were watching, and found out they were watching volcanoes - his current passion - which turned into mud volcanoes, and then mud baths.

When I tucked him into bed, he began talking about the mud bath again, only to stop very abruptly.

"Mom. I have to stop talking about it because then I can't help thinking about it and I don't want to think about it! When I get married, I am going to be asking my wife to erase ALL mud bath pictures and videos!"

Smiling, I asked him why he couldn't erase all of them himself.

"Because mom, I am going to need help spelling ERASE MUD BATH VIDEOS AND PICTURES. That's why."

Well.....duh. Now why didn't I think of that?

I went into the kitchen and whispered this conversation to Dave. We laughed hysterically.

Some stories just have to be documented. That's all I can say.

Oh, and one last thing. I kept myself together quite well in front of my son. I think I deserve a medal.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Just when I think I have seen everything.

Today, in Sydney, Australia, there is a "Slut Walk". Apparently to protest against men......that the *lack* of clothing on women should NOT cause men to think they get to have more *liberties* with women.

So, let me get this straight. Feminist women are ticked that some men don't exercise self-discipline - when half their cleavage is sticking out - but think that they have all the right to NOT discipline themselves in the way they dress.....

This world is getting more wacky every day. I just came across an ad (on my online newspaper no less) for a prime time TV series about professional, beautiful, successful LESBIANS, living a filthy, vile, lifestyle. Each episode (because I read about it) contains graphic lesbian sex scenes. This is on PRIME TIME TV.

As a non-feminist WOMAN, I am offended.

I have grown to despise what Lady Gaga stands for. She is the epitome of evil; a woman who has sold her soul for fame.

And, as humanitarian as Ellen Degeneres is, I truly believe she is one of the main reasons lesbianism AND female sexuality is so out of whack. BECAUSE, she is one of the nicest, most seemingly normal women. Therefore, her sexuality must be okay.

Women have sunk to new lows. And they lay too much blame on men.

And, one more thing while I am ranting......I am sick and tired of seeing pictures of so many perverted stars or singers WEARING CROSSES AROUND THEIR NECK.

I'm done.......for now.