Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miss Sneaky

My girl's latest ambition, as of today is to be a "part-time nurse, part time seamstress that supplies clothing to stores, and a part-time songwriter". Interesting combination.

However, I really think her true calling is to be a full-time spy.

She is thrilled when she is able to sneak around, as we did just before her dad's birthday. Today was no exception. We ran around town, picking up things and plotting and planning, because Seth's birthday is tomorrow.

"Mom, how are we going to sneak the stuff into the house?" she asked with concern. This was about the fifth time she brought this up. She brought up many possibilities, (including leaving them in the trunk, or just even the back seat of the car, and creeping out IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT when Seth was in bed to bring the stuff in) and finally hit on what she thought was the best solution.

"I know mom. When we drive up to the house, I'll go in first. Then I'll grab a blanket so that we can cover all of the packages. When we get his stuff inside, I'll go and hide the stuff in my closet because Seth NEVER opens my closet door."

So, she crept into the house. As long as she can creep, she is supremely content.

Since her dad's birthday, she has been thinking hard on how we can surprise him on Father's Day. Her final solution?

"Mom, I can creep on my hands and knees on the floor to Seth's bedroom. Then, I can wake him up quietly. Together, we can come into your room, to your side of the bed to wake you up. Because, if you don't get up beforehand, then DAD CAN'T SNEAK OUT OF THE BED TO HIDE."

She's got it all figured out.

I think we'll do it her way. It could work - as long as the floors don't squeak.

And she can get some practice perfecting her sneaky skills.

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Rachel R said...

LOL! No lack of imagination, eh? Too funny.