Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday. I am becoming rather.....*age-ed*.......:-)

There are some things I know for sure when my birthday comes around.  I know without a doubt that I will be woken up at some UNearthly hour. This is carved in stone....a tradition started by my husband from the beginning of time. I was thankful, then, to have the stuffing scared out of me only 15 minutes earlier than the usual time I arise this morning. The kids and Dave came - bearing gifts - to my bedside and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!".  Dave knows my mornings have not been coming easy lately. Thanks, Dave...(I think....).

I also know for sure that my kids will be plotting something in secret, although this year I actually wondered if they remembered my birthday. Only because Seth usually can't keep his mouth shut and this year nary a word was said. Maybe he's growing up???????

I also know it's a sure thing that we will go out to some restaurant as a treat.

But first let me tell about my morning.

After being startled awake.....and trying to open my eyeballs, my son....jumping up and down with boundless energy (where does he get it at this hour, I think??) hands me a gift bag. In the bag are three cards. I should mention that this is another "sure thing"....three cards, one from each. Of course I had to open up my son's first. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a SERIOUS card. Seth never picks serious cards. Cards to him are an extention of his comedy.....the funnier the card, the happier he is. For Father's Day he got his dad a card that had words that boys (and dads) love.......words that rhyme with cart, and dart and mart. You get the picture. So for me to get a gushy, mushy card from my son - that he picked out himself - about how absolutely awesome I am, well, it doesn't get much better than that. He did complete some lovely art work on one side where he was able to release his funny bone......but that only made it much more "Seth". I loved it. He also got me a gift certificate to the Bible book store. How nice!

Then my daughter.....who usually picks the mushy, gushy cards.....chose a simple card that stated her love for me, but then wrote the nicest words herself underneath. My heart turned to mush. Her gift was just as heartfelt.....she has been secretly knitting a scarf for quite a while.......and finished it yesterday! Yes, it's July and hot, but I promise you that come winter I will wear it with PRIDE! She totally flabbergasted me with it because I had no idea and because it's the best knitting she has done to date.

Then Dave got me a nice card.....he is the CARD master.......said some nice words and gave me a gift card to my favourite place. Which is the perfect gift for me. I was supremely happy.

We get to church this morning and before I even get in the door, my son, who ran ahead, goes in and tells everyone he sees that it's his mommy's birthday! I come in to church to a whole bunch of "Happy Birthday's". It was a nice very morning.

The topper......and really the most fun......came at lunch.  While waiting for our food we started games of hangman and tic tac toe. Seth's first phrase (playing with his dad) was "I LOVE MOMY!" Yup. Momy. Gotta love that homeschooled boy......  Eventually Hannah and I started writing cinquain's. If you don't know what a cinquain is, google it, but it's a simple five line poem.  Her first poem:

Running, jumping
Playing, bugging, teasing
He deserves a spanking

We laughed and laughed at that one.  Then I jotted down two quickies about my kids:

Smart, sassy
Bright, inquisitive, Curious
Very beautiful young lady


Funny, impish
Handsome, loving, kind
Always getting into trouble

We left the restaurant feeling quite content with ourselves. And I sit here now, pondering my day so far. It's only 3:00 and I'm already content. So content that it inspires one more cinquain:

Thoughtful, loyal
Kind, sweet gestures
Always pulling off surprises