Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentine Box

It began with the suggestion of my girl.

"Hey mom, wouldn't it be neat if I just left this empty box outside my door to put Valentines in?" she asked.

Thinking it was "cute", I couldn't help but wonder......whose Valentines? And I left the box there.

It just so happened that her dad, who happens to be an expert Valentine-picker-upper, picked up a couple of cards for his kidlets (I already got them a little treat a couple of days ago). After the kids were sleeping, I told him about the box and suggested we put the cards in there. With a smile on our faces, and thinking of the delight of my girl in the morning, I picked up the box - opening it - only to find several homemade Valentines already in there.

My heart melted at the sweetness of that lovely girl-o-mine.

We stuffed in the cards, along with a bunch of little goodies courtesy of their Auntie Laura, and closed the box. Then while I soaked in the tub, I thought how cute it would be to put my own cards (I couldn't decide, so I got a sappy one and a funny one) to Dave in the "box". Since he was already sleeping when I got out, I crept stealthily into the kitchen, pulled out my cards from their super-secret hiding place (that he discovered earlier in the evening), signed them and opened the box. Lo and behold, what do I find? That my husband practiced his own stealth while I was having a bath and put my own card from him in the box. Not that I looked, of course.

And I smile in delight.

I wait in anticipation of tomorrow morning.


P.S.: At 6:00 IN THE MORNING!!!, I am awakened by three bandits creeping into my room with a flashlight. In their hands are even more cards..........I try to prop my eyelids open and feign express wonder at my surprises. Seriously, I am impressed. I'm just not sure why it had to be 6:00 a.m., that's all.

Until my son - still half asleep - states his supreme happiness.......

"This sure was a good Valentine's Day, wasn't it?"

Yes, it was. Tired as I am.

That husband of mine one-upped me........AGAIN.


Jenn said...

Thats super cute =)
Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

Sweetness!!!! What memories..... You should make it a tradition... See who can sneak their cards in every year without being caught!!!LOL
Enjoy your day!!!
Love Mindy

Darla said...

Awww....thanks ladies. Happy Valentine's Day to you both as well.

palmtreequeen1 said...

Again, another lovely story that warmed my whole insides!! God has truly blessed you, Darla :) Good day to say Happy Valentines to you and tell you how much I love and appreciate you! xxoo

Laura said...

Hey sweet sister, Happy Valentine's Day!

Shannon started a "tradition" of buying me a stuffed animal each year. The last few years, they seem to get "funnier looking" than the last. I thought Jenna was going to die laughing when she saw this years! Let's just say the eyes are not centered on the head, and they are almost crossed! He is so adorable, he makes me laugh.

Anyway, have a good rest of the day!

Darla said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Deanna and Laura. Thank you for your kind words, Deanna.

Yes, this year I realized my daughter may have started a cool tradition. I'll see if I can log it in my brain to do this for next year.

Rachel said...

Happy Valentine's Day to a wonderful family!! And way to start a tradition!! Very thoughtful- makes me wish I'd thought of it... -RG

Rachel Peterson said...

That is pretty sweet. Probably the best V-day story I have heard.