Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lion King

It was early morning. Mom and dad were still asleep. Suddenly, from out of nowhere a lion cub pounced on them. The cub found his way in between mom and dad and snuggled up to mom.

"Meow," the cub said.

Mom ignored him. The little lion continued his cries.

"Meow, meow....."

Mom finally found the energy to scratch the cub's back. The lion purred in contentment.......until he remembered something important.

"Lion cubs don't get scratched on their backs," he whispered to his mother. However, being torn, he decided to break the rules. He remained in that position so that his back could continue getting scratched.

After a while, he whispered to his mama.

"Dad is a primate lion. You are mama lion. Did you know that?"

Mom stifled a chuckle.

She wonders what other mysterious jungle creature will awaken her tomorrow morning.

As long as it's not a snake.

1 comment:

Rachel Peterson said...

Just wait until he can start figuring out how to play pranks on his own. Then you will be goosed!