Monday, February 1, 2010

Personality Traits

Last Wednesday, we had the last service in our old church building. We are going to be moving into our new building this coming weekend and we are all excited about it.

Hannah was trying to wrap her mind around never going back to that church. She was becoming a little nostalgic before we even got to church Wednesday night.

"You mean I'll never have Sunday School in that room again, mom?"

"I'm really gonna miss this church, mom. Why do we have to leave it anyway?"

So, after church, she went downstairs and looked around, taking her time. She went into every room, and in every room she bid farewell.

Such is the personality of my lovely girl.


Likewise, on Sunday night we were having special services in a rented facility to celebrate the anniversary of our pastor and his wife. I went earlier, taking Hannah with me. When Seth and his dad arrived, he was in fine form, having actually gotten a little sleep in the afternoon.

"Mom!" he exclaimed. "I'm just gonna stick out my tongue and close my eyes. Then I'm gonna look at everybody through my tongue! But don't worry, I won't MAKE FACES at anybody," he reassured me.

I was immensely relieved.

And such is the personality of my lively boy.

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Rachel Peterson said...

I also quite liked is exuberant and loud excitement about moving into the church on Monday. I have never seen him that excited before.