Thursday, February 4, 2010

Future Ambitions II

I'm getting old(er). I feel that way because my youngest-of-my-four-old-nieces has moved out into her own little, darling apartment.

When she first heard that Jenna was moving out, Hannah was quite concerned.

"Why would she want to move out, mom?" she asked.

So I explained the natural progression of life, and that eventually even SHE would want to leave home. That was how God intended it to be. She assured me quite emphatically that she WOULD NOT want to ever move out. I secretly smiled.

That lasted until yesterday. Yesterday she informed me that she intended to work hard in school every year, and work ahead so that she could completely finish school when she was......16!

"And then what do you intend to do?" I asked.

"I plan on working for two years," she stated.

"You have no plans to further your education?" I asked my 7-going-on-16-year-old.

"Do you have to go to university to be a cook or make clothes?" she asked.

"No. Not to university anyway," I replied, very impressed at her lofty ambitions.

"Well, then I plan to work for two years and save up enough money so that I can move out - like Jenna - when I am 18," she informs me.

"I thought you weren't ready to move out," I can't help but ask.

"Well, mom," she says with a dry tone. "Not now. I'm not ready to move out today. But I will be when I'm 18."

And I am comforted.

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