Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. Webster II

I actually very much enjoyed school today. I say that with some surprise because it has been a little more of a struggle as of late.

After slacking off school somewhat over the last couple of weeks (because of all of the activity surrounding our upcoming special services), I spent some time with Seth in review. I was going through the double consonant rule, the double vowel rule, and certain blends. Then I was having him read words that applied to these rules.

After he read the word, he began to explain - without any prompting from me - what he thought the word meant. Here are some examples of his definitions (always beginning with "is something like"...):

load: "Is something like when you get suitcases on a plane...."

peep: "Is something like you peep with a horn...."

shut: "Is like a safe. Or a couch that is open...."????

stone: To which I had the entire story of David and Goliath repeated to me, blood and gore and everything.

And my personal favourite.....

pleat: "Is something like pleating a trap." Huh? On further questioning, he explained the whole story about how Freddi Fish com-pleated the trap to catch the ghost.

Hannah and I were in stitches over this.

My post entitled Public School Never Looked So Good......well, I take it all back. Imagine what I would miss if I didn't homeschool?


Rachel Peterson said...

Pleat, huh? Im going to have to remember that one. I love your son very much!! LOL

palmtreequeen1 said...

OMW!! This is priceless, Darla! Oh, how I do love your posts!! I was thankful today as well cause kids did their work first thing in the morning without too much grief. We've been strugglin' ever since school started again after X-mas holidays!

Darla said...

Thanks, ladies. And Deanna - I've been struggling since SEPTEMBER! with my son's school. That's why today was such a refresher. Isn't the life of a homeschooling household {{awesome}}. Really, I wouldn't trade it, trials come what may.

Laura said...

You know what is so funny? The ladies at work all think I am a saint for homeschooling!!! They all say that "they could NEVER do that!" and that I must be so "brilliant!" I just laugh at them! If only they knew....