Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When asked this morning what he wanted for breakfast, a very tired, cranky boy answered,


Hmm. Nuffin'......? Trying to exact a translation, the mom of this cranky boy looked up the definition of this word.

Nuffin': (From the Urban Dictionary)

1. A lack of muffins;
2. What you get when you're finished with a muffin; the absence of a muffin;
3. A muffin that does not contain (throughout its inner cake) any of the ingredients displayed on the top of the muffin. Term can be applied to people in an organization who appear to do work but who achieve little;
4. (From the dictionary of motherhood)......Nothing, as said by a little boy while hanging his lip low during a pout.

The mother of this crankpot concluded the likely definition was that of #4. So, she set about to do just that. When the unhappy boy sat down to breakfast, he was surprised to find a whole bunch of........nuffin'. He paused for a short time to wonder where in the world his breakfast was. He finally asked,

"Hey....where's my breakfast?"

"You said you wanted nuffin', so I gave you a whole plate of.....nuffin'," was the mother's reply.

The young boy managed to crack a smile. In fact, he managed to laugh out loud, as did the boy's sister.

And miracle of miracles, his mama even managed to whip up sumpin' for her boy for breakfast..........:)

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