Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 - A Year Of Growth

Where did 2009 go?

If I were to define one word that aptly described this past year, it would be growth. Growth of my husband, who has gone through some refining. Although it took until nearly the end of 2009 to really see the change, it really has ultimately been tremendous growth. Growth of me - ?? Well, I'm really not sure. Like Dave, the Lord really is trying to work things out in me, but quite frankly, it's been one of the toughest years I have ever had. There have been things I've battled (and am still battling) that I thought I conquered 25 years ago. I've been more worn out mentally, physically and spiritually than any other year in my memory. There have been relationships that have changed that trouble me. Have I grown? If recognition of things that need to desperately change defines growth, then yes, I guess I have, for there has been some new, somewhat startling revelations of my heart. But I think it is more fitting to say that I am still in the process of growth. Because I will grow. However long it takes.

The biggest change of all is in my daughter. This has been a year of many "firsts". She first rode a two-wheeler. She lost her first tooth, and then five more since. She had her first piano lesson. She wrote her first poem, then her first song, then her first story - and again, many more since. She sang her first solo in church with the Sunday School kids. Many of these things are tremendous steps for her. After learning to ride her bike, she became determined to perfect her skill. By the end of November (because we were having above average temperatures at that time), her dad and her were taking long bike trips - several miles long - just about killing her dad in the process. (It wouldn't have "just-about" killed me. It plainly WOULD have killed me.)

As for piano - she has truly surprised me. She has again shown dogged determination, practising until I can't stand the sound of a piano, always without prompting from me. She had her first piano recital in December which, not surprisingly, she chose not to participate in. However, I took her to the recital to sit in the audience so she could see what a recital was, hoping she would then agree to participate in the next one. Since the recital was much bigger than I expected, I was sure it would actually have the opposite effect and that she would definitely decide NOT to participate in the next one. However, she surprised me again and told me that she thought she would definitely be ready to play for the next one in June.

I believe that playing the piano has helped her develop a better ear for singing, as well. Before then, she had no clue whether she was on pitch or not, and she was pretty much off pitch most of the time. However, when she told me she would sing a small solo in Sunday School (another surprise for me - that she agreed to do it), I was very pleasantly surprised that she sang her part basically in tune. I believe learning to play the piano has taught her to listen more to the actual tune of a song.

As far as her writing, it was one of her weakest subjects in school at the beginning of the year. She would spend hours wasting time and/or throwing fits when given any writing assignments. To think how much she has grown in this regard is truly amazing. She enjoys writing now and has wrote many cute songs and stories. She also writes letters and thrilled to the process of sending them out in the mail.

She really has grown tremendously this past year. Her curiousity and determination to learn new things is overtaking old fears and uncertainties. Hopefully this coming year will be the year she gets the Holy Ghost, because I believe she is getting close.

And finally, my son. I have filled many a post about that lad. He has gone from a toddler to a boy. He is lovable, fun-loving, funny, charming, sweet and plain wonderful. He is also a turkey, a stinker, a TURKEY and a STINKER. But's he's still my Seffie and I wouldn't change him if I could. He's done much better in school than I expected, thankfully. And, he is the best bed maker and room cleaner of any boy his age that I know. And definitely better than any boys that are.........teenagers.

That was my year. I'm looking forward to even better things in 2010. With even more growth.

Happy New Year to all.


Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

i have enjoyed your blog this past year. You have provided many laughs to me when I didn't think I could laugh. I love the personality that shines through your writings.
All I can say about this post is that my heart hears you I am certain that you have grown and will continue to do so. God loves us too much to leave us the way we are and yes, sometimes the refining process requires struggle
Keep writing and I wish you and your family a wonderful 2010!

Darla said...

Tina - thank you so much for your encouragement. I was hoping that DIScouragement didn't shine through in my post when I wrote my part, because honestly I was at my best when I wrote it. I do believe that God will keep on working, however long it takes because, like you said, He loves us too much to leave us alone.

I'm also excited for your NEW YEAR. Just think....a brand new grandbaby! We are all waiting in anticipation.

All the best, Tina, and thank you for taking the time to read my writings....

Rachel Peterson said...

Having spent a lot of time at your house this past year, I will say you have not been stagnant with regards to growth. There are things this observant niece of yours really did/has noticed. Thank you for opening up your home to some of my close friends, my sister and I. It means a lot. Hopefully there will be new people Jenna & I will bring by this year for you and Unca Dave to tune in!!