Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Comedian

Seth's aunt, uncle and older cousins brought him home these Mickey Mouse ears from their recent trip to Disneyland.

He came out from his room just before supper tonight, leaned on the microwave stand as pictured above to ask me what he could have for a snack. I just loved his pose and had to take a picture of it. The smile he has in this picture pretty much shows the mood he's been in all day. Everything from beginning end was a big "joke".

I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that he will likely be the next Mark Lowry or Tim Hawkins when he's older (at least in his mind, anyway). His biggest goal every day is to make people laugh, "trick people" and make "funny jokes". We rarely go into a public place now without him trying to capture some stranger's attention by making faces or doing a break dance routine to see if he can make them laugh.

He also talks nonstop. He constantly re-enacts whole scenes from Jungle Jam, Odyssey, or some of his computer games like Freddi Fish or Pajama Sam. Today while at the table at supper, he was the only one still eating. I told him to sit down and not get up again, since he was constantly hopping off his seat. Seth can't just tell a story; he has to stand and tell a story. Anyway, while I lapsed into momentary unconsciousness, Seth "forgot" he was supposed to sit and got up to pace back and forth. When I realized he was up, I got after him.

"Seth! I told you to sit down on your chair and not get off of it," I *sweetly* said.

He danced quite a little jig at the sound of my voice. And no, I did not holler. He was just caught.

"But mom!" he protested. "I was playing Roman Soldier!"

Now what mom can't understand the need for her son to play Roman Soldier?

Tonight I gave him ten minutes on the computer while he was waiting for me to read to him. When I was ready, I told him it was time to shut down the computer. He gave a deep, heartfelt sigh, and said dryly:

"Now, why am I not surprised?"

I tell ya. He makes me grey(er) and keeps my heart glad. He also gives his dad and I a lot of chuckle time when he's in bed.

And that's a good thing.


Laura said...

I absolutely love his belly laugh, and unexpected "jig" when he gets startled. I can definately see him being the next Mark Lawrey.

Rachel Peterson said...

The top picture is abosolutely adorable!!