Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Precious Moments

There are good days in life. There are bad days. And more than them all, there are in-between days. Most of all, I love the days where life seems precious. And my children in particular are precious.

It's not that anything really profound happened today. It's just that I perceived it differently, and you know, perception really is everything. A whole blog post could be written on that topic.

I had a hard time getting my kidlets up this morning. I let them come with me last night while I played some recreational volleyball because they have a running track and got their own exercise while I played. Consequently, they got to bed later and fell into bed much exhausted. As a result, Hannah awoke very groggy and Seth woke up.......barely at all. Hannah, sweet girl that she is, took pity on her very tired brother and helped him get dressed, because he was "too tired to lift his arms", and also made his bed for him. All in her own groggy state.

That is precious to me.

As she gets older, we share a lot of "secret glances", particularly over some outrageous thing that Seth has said.

Those are precious to me.

Tonight I was reading to the kids. Seth chose Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch. Every once in a while I change the story up because Seth acts totally outraged (although he secretly enjoys it) and we all get a good laugh in. Tonight I changed the girl's name from Tina to Martha. Hannah and I enjoyed our "secret glances". Seth appeared in a daze because he did not react at all. After several pages of substituting Martha for Tina, I decided to substitute Martha for Maryann. I was just checking to see if Seth had fallen into some sort of semi-comatose state. I discovered - one broken eardrum later - that he HAD NOT. He hollered at the top of his lungs:


Hannah and I nearly fell off the couch we were laughing so hard. Seth had NO CLUE what the joke was, and even after Hannah told him - after finally catching her breath - that her name was really Tina and not Martha, he still didn't quite seem to.......catch it.

More precious moments to me.

So now, all is quiet. The kids are in bed. Hannah told me she was looking forward to going to bed so she could spend some time imagining. And I smile in contentment at my precious girl. And think of my precious boy, already asleep.

My precious family.


Rachel said...

Oh, my word!! Seth and Janessa are SO much alike. What I wouldn't give to have the two of them together for just an hour- I don't think the world could take much more; there would be mushroom clouds... Thank you for sharing your precious moments!!

Rachel Peterson said...

I cannot express how much I adore your children. They are absolutely hilarious and wonderful kids. I hope they will be just as good teenagers! :P