Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bible Scholar

I realize that it's long past due that I blog about my daughter. I have a lot of things on my mind about her that I have not yet put into words and I'm working on it. However, because my son does so many memorable, quirky things daily, I find it easier to just jot down a quick post about him. Truthfully, he gives me no end of writing material.

I was quizzing him today, just for fun, on Bible characters. I was curious to see how many he really knew and who were his favourites. Interestingly, he told me that:

*He did not want to be like Jonah and be swallowed up by a huge fish;
*He wouldn't want to be Joseph either because he would not want to be thrown into a pit and sold;
*He wouldn't mind being Moses, but he "would not want to take his shoes off because he was standing on holy ground";
*He had no reservations at all being David;
*He would NOT want to be Haman (although he could not recall Haman's name, he knew he lived in Queen Esther's time) because he did not want to be "hanged UP".

I was very, very impressed at how much he knew, which he knew with surprising ease. However, my two favourites of all were when I asked him if he knew who Xerxes was, he said,

"Of course, mom. He was Queen Esther's King," much to my delight.

And, the biggest surprise of all?

"Mom, I would not want to be Elimelech, either," he said with perfect pronunciation. "Elimelech dies before Naomi. And I wouldn't want that."

I had no idea he knew anything about Elimelech. I am very proud of my boy. He's obviously been paying attention.

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