Thursday, January 21, 2010

Public School Never Looked So Good

What do you do with a boy who, counting by fives, says:

"Five, ten, fifteen, twenty......twenty-one......"

What do you do with a boy who tells time like:

"Mom, it's 14 o'clock...."

What do you do with a boy who tries, every time, to sound out "the", and has to be told that it is a sight word before he remembers?

What do you do with a boy who writes a note in church last night,

which translated, says: "Dear Darla Hude....."

There are days I wish my walls were padded so I could safely pound my head against them. Really, I am laughing about this.......after the fact. But on days like today I seriously doubt my own ability to be a homeschooling mom.


Rachel said...

Repeat after me: "I CAN DO THIS; I CAN DO THIS!!" Do not stop saying it until you believe it....

Feel better? Didn't think so... Thought I'd try though. I'll watch them for you for a couple hours, if you'd like. The more kids at my house, the merrier!!!

Much love and faith in you,

Laura said...

Dar, I laughed until I cried and Rach asked me what was so funny! I remember banging my head against the wall trying to teach a certain child of mine the ABC's and she refused to say them let alone write them! I thought, "How on earth am I ever going to teach this kid to read"?

I also keep thinking, "What if Shannon had a boy like Seth?" Then I laughed that much harder!


Darla said...

I can always count on you ladies for a laugh and encouragement. Thank you.


Rachel R said...

Don't quit. You're one of the last inspirations I have left giving me any bit of confidence to believe that I may be capable of homeschooling Levi...even if for only a few years.

Darla said...

Aww, Rachel R. I have never thought of myself of an inspiration for homeschooling, so you gave me a very high compliment. Thank you.

As far as quitting, I'm really not. I was just letting my frustration get to me. Most of the time I can laugh it off easier, but it's been a frustrating month in general and unfortunately it's overflowed into other areas.

I think it's so awesome that you may homeschool Levi. Good on you!

Rachel R said...

You are a great inspiration for other home schooling moms, and moms in general :)