Friday, May 30, 2008

Stinkin' "Ridiklus"

I have tried to ban the word "stinkin'" from my house. When you hear your four-year-old son repeating you by saying, "that stinkin' ______", whatever the object may be that stinks at the time, it's a wake-up call to how crude it sounds coming from a child.

I haven't been entirely successful.

Today, Seth called something stinkin', although I can't recall the object of his ire. Not once, but twice. After I thought I heard him say it the second time, I asked him, "Seth, did you really say that word?"

To which he replied:

"Yeah, I know mom, it's just ridiklus."

I have nothing left to say. Some things are just meant to laugh about.


rrgoff06 said...

Seriously- he and Janessa are so on the same wavelength!!! Just know you're not alone in the world!!! That's a comforting thought...

Darla said...

You know Rachel, it really is nice that you stop by my blog. Thank you, really.

By the way, how old is Janessa? Seth was four in April. Just curious about their age comparisons. I'm pretty sure I remember Haley being six in February (Hannah was six in March). Is that right?

rrgoff06 said...

Yes, Hailey was six in February. Janessa was 4 in November. Kyzer will be two in September.

I really enjoy your blog. You really offer a lot of insight. And, it's so comforting, like I said, to know that I'm not alone in the world!! I also understand about the fewer blogs about Hannah, because she's perfect, just like Hailey... Maybe God made the first one perfect just so we'd have another!!! How's that for irony?!