Sunday, May 4, 2008

Annual Pictures

Hannah and Seth recently had their pictures taken by Rachel, my niece. Rachel has developed quite a talent for photography, so for the first time I had her take their annual pictures. Some were taken at the weir and others at the Delta Bessborough. This first one was near the very end of the photo shoot, and at the very end of my patience. They're happy, however.

As time went on, everything was more of a joke than ever to Seth. Obviously.

Hannah was very cooperative. Unfortunately because of this she had less pictures taken. It took at least twice as many poses of Seth to have at least a few that weren't of him goofing around. I love this pose.

One of the rare, contemplative poses of Seth.

In the window at the Bessborough. I was very nervous about this one because the window was very old and seemed very thin. Fortunately, Hannah is not like her brother and could actually sit still.

I insisted on this being done quick. I had visions of broken glass and a huge bill on my hands.

My sweet, uhmm, angel.

My truly beautiful girl.

And so ended our photo shoot. These are just a handful of poses, all different. Rachel has some pretty impressive talent.

And we have some pretty impressive kids. But then I'm biased.


Laura said...

I am biased on both accounts and I love my niece and nephew very much! Seth's antics make my day and make me laugh(as well as many others as I tend to share his stories with many). Darla, I plan on doing a page of Seth titled , "The Many Faces Of Seth" just using the pics from this photoshoot. One of them is the one of his hand on his forehead.

Darla said...

I'm sure you'll have to leave half of the page just for his "Calvin" face alone!

Laura said...

Yuppers! He makes enough of them.