Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did You Know?

Did you know that a dragonfly can fly up to 30 miles per hour?

Did you know that a mosquito can fly 1.5 miles per hour?

These were things my dear daughter informed me of tonight. Her dad looked it up for her on the internet when she asked him these questions. I must say that I'm delighted with her inquisitive nature.

Did you know that my dear son would rather stand in the corner for 45 minutes than stop talking?

Did you know that my children really need hearing aids? Or syringed ears because of wax impaction?

Uh, huh. I've discovered these things this week. Today especially. The corner and my children became friends. Because of their hearing deficit. It has been a total wake-up call to see how little my kids really do listen and how often I find myself repeating things. Really, I am thankful that Rebecca enlightened me. Now I am paying total attention and my children have begun boot camp. The corner seems to be the most effective tool right now (besides ear twisting). My dear son severely dislikes it but will not do what he is supposed to do to get out. All he has to do is stay quiet for at least 30 seconds. Not much, I say. My daughter has to be quiet longer since she's older. He spends his time saying:

"Mom, I've got tears!"

"Mom, I'm coughing!"

"Mom, I am stopping talking!"

"Mom, I need you!"

Over and over and over. Seriously. I had to let him out just before church (because missing church really isn't an option for me) or he'd still be in the corner, I'm sure. The longest he kept quiet was 15 seconds, maximum, and I was counting. Hoping. Praying. But I couldn't let him out sooner because he really needs to learn. And my resolve has returned.

He went to bed without his bedtime story. We had a little chat about tomorrow.

Did you know that you require a Master's degree in child psychology to parent? I didn't. Obviously.


Laura said...

You can ask my girls how well aquainted with the corner they became. Rachel found it a little more difficult to keep her mouth shut while in the corner, Jenna just usually took her measure of punishment with a resolve and served her time. I found it to be a great tool of discipline. I don't remember Rachel's longest stay, but I am sure it was over an hour because she kept beaking off. Good luck and keep it up!

Darla said...

I honestly thought it would be Jenna who would have talked nonstop in the corner, not Rachel. I'm surprised.

Laura said...

Nope...Jenna learned that if she kept her mouth shut, she got out of the corner quicker. Not sure what to do now...maybe I should use some duct tape or packing tape...on the wall, I meant on the wall!!!

Mrs. Wizzle said...

Darla it is called "selective" hearing. no wax impacted or any hearing aids needed. I remember Brother Bow saying that being consistent was the hardest thing in parenting and also the most important. Keep it up. I'd find something besides eartwisting though.

Darla said...

Mrs. Wizzle: It's called "tongue-in-cheek". I'm quite aware that their hearing is Sorry, but the ear twisting stays - I find it very effective because of the direct correlation to their "hearing-related" issues.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering if our kids aren't related somehow. They have so much in common!! I haven't tried the ear twisting, because, unfortunately, all three of mine have had severe ear problems. We just have days when they don't speak English... I know they hear me, but they don't "understand". Kids... Ya gotta love 'em!!

Darla said...

Rachel: I understand why you wouldn't twist your kids' ears if they have ear problems. The other reason I like it is it's very subtle, so when I'm at the store and having "issues", it's something I can be sneaky about without anyone accusing me of beating my child! Sad day when I feel like I have to watch that so closely.

I also find flicking their lips effective when they sass. Maybe it's just me, but the ear twisting for not listening and the lip flicking for talking back helps them know exactly what they did wrong - again when subtlety is necessary.

Laura said...

YHou not only need a psychology degree now as they are growing up but you will need a lawyers degree when they become teenagers!