Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ode To My Lovely Girl

I have a lovely daughter.

This girl-o-mine is such a big help to me that I really don't know what I'd do without her. Today while I was busy with something else, she sorted, folded and put away three loads of laundry. This included careful folding of towels, her brother's clothes, as well as her dad's and mine. All of this without my asking her to.

She also helped Seth with his school while I was vacuuming. Because he wouldn't take his school work seriously (cracking jokes constantly) I gave him "lines". My elder sister passed this bit of wisdom onto me because it was a tried and true formula while she homeschooled. While Seth repeatedly wrote "I will not joke" and "I will listen to mom", if he had a question, Hannah helped him. (He was trying to write "j ke" without an O because he already "used his O in the word not"......go figure....). She helped so I could finish my work.

Hannah finished her grade two in early April and has been working on her grade three. Seth should be finished soon (and only isn't because of MY neglect - there has been too much going on lately), so I plan to let her stop for the summer when Seth is done.

She is doing very well in her piano, receiving high compliments from both her teacher and the receptionist where she takes her lesson. She practices very diligently and I rarely have to ask her to practice.

Her latest ambition is to be a veterinarian. And - a Sunday School teacher. When she told me she was "imagining her class of kids", I complimented her and told her that it was a worthy ambition when she grew up. She informed me that she didn't want to wait until she grew up. She wanted to teach Sunday School now and couldn't understand why she wasn't quite ready.

Ahhh, such a sweet lass.


Rachel Goff said...

It's so hard to be perfect....

Darla said...

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by your comment, Rachel, so I want to clarify that I do not think I have a perfect daughter (in comparison to a hugely imperfect son). It's just that with Hannah there are less funny things to blog about (not that she is never funny, but that isn't her primary personality), so rather than talk about her moods or times of disobedience too much, she gets more posts about her good nature. With Seth, his general personality is to be funny, so that is what ends up as the primary focus in posts about him (and because funny kids - even if they are brats - are usually considered a positive rather than a negative).

I think I have two wonderful kids that have the typical faults that kids have.

Hope that clarifies (if it needed clarifying....)

Laura said...

My Rosie is a thoughtful, sweet and sensitive girl. She actually reminds me of Jenna at that age.

Anonymous said...

... she wants to be a veterinarian? Does she realize she will have to touch and work with animals?

I am sorry, but I had to chuckle at that one!!!

You have the most unique son....or should I say you have the most unique sn...as I already used the 'o' in 'most'

Your kids (and you :)) make me laugh....I read their stories to my friends here at work....and yes I have friends!


Darla said...

Laura: I can't believe you weren't ticked that I called you "elder" sister. I'm impressed.

Lana: She plays a veterinarian CD on her computer, so of course, that must be the "real thing".

I'm also very relieved to hear that you have a few friends (I was worried).

Rachel R said...

I love Seth's "o" theory. ha ha!

Rachel Goff said...

Oh dear, Darla! I'm so sorry. I was totally being sarcastic. It doesn't come thru so well in writing... The twins are exactly the same way. Londyn is very laid back and doesn't need much. So, I call her my "perfect" one. Zander can be very demanding and needy. He's the not so "perfect" one. Not that either of them are perfect, like you said. It's just me being me, I guess. I apologize for upsetting you. That was not my intention. I agree whole heartedly that you have the most wonderful children and I do so love reading about them. *Groveling here* -RG

Darla said...

Oh Rachel G....I'm totally fine. In fact, when I read your comment, and knowing what your typical comments are, I couldn't see how it was meant any other way but what you just explained. However, me being me (and ALWAYS feeling the need to explain myself if there is even a tidbit of doubt - some say this is a character flaw....), I thought I would explain.......just in case. So, get up off your knees and quit grovelling....(ha, ha). I am not upset.

Rachel R: Seth's "o" theory is classic, and of course I just had to insert that little side story in the midst of a tale about Hannah....

Rachel Goff said...

Phew! I had to take a 3 day prayer and fast over that one! I forget that my tone doesn't come thru the words... Thanks for reading my mind though!