Saturday, May 29, 2010

Definition Of The Day

Seth asked me tonight what the word "discipline" meant. As I was pondering how to define the word for his understanding (something his dad is very good at but I am not....), he spoke up and told me that he knew what it meant.

"It means that I am happy with my mother," was his answer.

Hannah and I exchanged a secret smile. I asked him a couple of minutes later again what the word meant.

"I'm very serious, mom. I know it means that I am happy with my mother," he stated seriously. "And right now, I am disciplined," he said with a smile.

It must have been the ice cream I let him have. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to such a disciplined son.

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Rachel Goff said...

Maybe he'll be an English teacher when he grows up!! I absolutely love how our children's brains work... They usually have good insight. Wish it stayed that way!!