Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Hero

Now what mother wouldn't feel blessed to be chosen to mother these two children?

Not that I feel especially worthy (not saying that as a "boo-hoo"). I just always reflect more than usual on Mother's Day about my shortcomings as a mom and try to ponder how I can improve.

However, my post is really more about my own mother.

I know I am getting old when the things that used to make me cringe about my mother have lessened considerably. I know I am getting old when the thought of being like my mother is not as troubling as it used to be.

I am not being harsh. Just honest. My mother has idiosyncrasies that have made my sisters and I blush with embarrassment.

However, the biggest reason of all that I have changed is not really that I am getting old. (Although I am getting old........imagine that?) It's that I have seen the light.

My mother - all idiosyncrasies aside - is my hero.

My mother has selflessly laid aside her own life in the last few weeks, and put her whole heart into living, caring, and giving my granny - HER MOTHER-IN-LAW - as comfortable of a life in her twilight years as is possible. My granny is a wonderful lady, that's true, but her 89 years are beginning to show and she requires more care than ever. Because of that, my mother and my granny have moved into a duplex together. To share expenses. And even more, for my mom to help my granny when she needs help.

She cooks for my granny.

She regularly checks on my granny.

She laughs herself silly with my granny.

She even plans on learning to do my granny's hair so she can "spoil" her a little bit.

She has basically put anything she might like aside for the sake of my granny.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we reap what we sow. I believe that my mom will be rewarded greatly, I really do. One of her rewards will be having children who care for her like she cared for her mother-in-law. I am determined to love my mother that way because she deserves it. She has shown me how to properly care for those that I love.

I wanna be just like her when I grow up.

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Jenn Penny said...

Mothers are truly amazing. I know often times I don't appreciate mine as much as I should. I do remember on a regular basis how much she has done for me and how much of her own life she has put aside for me to be happy.

Its also true that our parents (family) teach us how to treat them through how they treat others. Some are incredibly amazing.