Friday, May 21, 2010

Hannah's Debut


Hannah has been playing the piano now for ten months. This little clip is of her playing her own composition (which she made up just because she wanted to, not because it was required). The piano is out of tune (I'm not sure if it can actually get in better tune because there is a broken piece at the back of the piano). It's my granny's piano, so it is priceless to me, and at this point, it is good enough for Hannah to learn to play on.

Anyway, she doesn't play the song perfect, but I think she plays pretty good.

(Spoken from a proud mama....)


Mrs. Wizzle said...

Darla, that is fabulous! I suggest a keyboard. As an additional place to play. Because of the tuning. You know how much we do by ear. What is her ear being trained to? learning?

Darla said...

Mrs. Wizzle: A keyboard is a goal of ours, it's just not in the budget right now. Perhaps by her next birthday. For now at least, the "feel" of a real piano is a benefit in these early stages(according to her teacher). And who knows, maybe the piano CAN be tuned better. I was always told by my granny that it could not (as she was told by a "professional" years ago) and just hadn't looked into it since Hannah started playing. Modern technology can work wonders sometimes.....

Thanks for the comment.

Rachel Goff said...

Beautiful!!! Way to go, Hannah!!!!