Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moms Have To Kiss Their Boys

Ever since Seth was at least two, we played this little game. I'd go to kiss him and he'd playfully resist - because anyone who knows Seth knows that he really wants to be kissed - and I'd say this little phrase: "But Seth, moms have to kiss their boys". It's become a catch phrase for me and I thought that it would make a cute little poem.

I also have to say, lest anyone is concerned, that I also believe that moms have to kiss their girls. The reason this is more of a boy's saying is obvious: boys aren't supposed to like being kissed by their moms, right? Even my huggy, kissy Seth has a built-in male gene that creeps in every once in a while and will do so even more as he gets older. Hannah really does not resist my kisses at all anymore, because after all, it's okay for girls to be huggy and kissy, right?

It's not the best poem, but I had fun writing it. And sighed a lot..((aaahhh)).

Moms Have To Kiss Their Boys

Every once in a while, when in a bad mood
My son will push me away;
But I persist, as all mothers do
“Moms have to kiss their boys”, I say.

We’ll start with tickling, or sometimes wrestling
Or we’ll just play with his toys;
I’ll sneak in a kiss before he can resist
Because moms have to kiss their boys.

We’ll be reading some books, or building a fort
Or sometimes playing hide and seek;
I’ll grab him quick and give him a peck
Because moms have to kiss their boy’s cheek.

He’ll be laying so still asleep at night
With the covers all over the place;
I’ll tuck him in and kiss him, quick as a wink
Because moms have to kiss their boy’s face

Life is so busy and goes by so fast
With all its tears, its laughter, and it joys;
In the midst of this I pray I’ll never forget
That moms have to kiss their boys.


Laura said...

Yup...before you know it, they are all growed up so kiss them as much as they will let you!

Anonymous said...

I just had to tell you that you have the most wonderful and interesting BLOG. I just found it today and it is so interesting and entertaining....by the way your husband is quite normal when it comes to the Mars Venus thing. Blair and I will have been married 33 years on Saturday and it never changes!

Laurs friend Chris from Wynyard!

Darla said...

Wow, Chris! Laura talks about you a lot and I'm flattered by your compliments. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

I too need to leave a comment. I have been reading your blog for a few months. You sure do have a heart of a Mom.
With four boys in my house, I know you need to kiss your boys. My oldest is 16 and has no problem giving me a kiss. I am sensitive to him when it comes to being around his friends. Yet if he is going away for the weekend and a friend is standing close he will still give me a kiss. We have raised our boys to show love to their Mom.(and Dad)

Debbi-Anne - Laura’s other friend;)

PS can I use your poem on a scrapbook page?

Darla said...

Debbi-Anne: I can't believe I had both of Laura's "two" friends comment on the same day...hee hee!

Seriously, I know you of anybody knows what it's like to raise boys. I am flattered by your kind words and would be honoured for you to scrapbook my poem. I really would like to see the end result.

Thanks Debbi-Anne.

Amanda said...

Darla --

I love your poem -- you made me cry (happily) this morning. And the first thing I am going to do when my DS gets up is give him a huge sloppy kiss. :)

Darla said...

Amanda: Thanks for the compliment. How old is your boy, anyway?

By the way, I have been visiting your blog, and congratulations on getting some of your scrapbooking pages published. I've been watching for a new post, by the way.

Goodness, I'm beginning to feel like I know you, and we've met only once!