Thursday, June 5, 2008

Six-Year-Old Logic & Four-Year-Old Mimic

Conversation with Hannah yesterday:

"Mom, I am really happy when you allow me to make my own choices."

"Oh yeah?" I reply.

"Do you know why I like to make my own choices, mom?" she asks.

"No why?" I ask.

"Because when I'm allowed to make my own choice, I will almost always choose what I don't really want." She replies.

"Oh really?" I say.

"Do you know why?" she asks.

"No. Why?" I reply.

"Because that way I will always be able to change my mind."

How's that for sound logic?


My granny is a wonderful, spunky lady who for 87 years of age has a wonderful sense of humour and great wit.

While at her house today, Seth was bugging Hannah. Yeah, unsual, I know. Granny, who hates "pestiness", said to Seth, "Don't bug her." Yes, bug her.

Can you guess what Seth started saying? I'll give you a clue. It sounds something like this: bug-a, bug-a, bug-a. Yep. Over and over and over.

Just as I was trying to decide whether to intervene - because after all he had no idea what he was saying and what it sounded like, and the bigger deal you make of some things the more tempting it becomes to a child - granny intervened.

"Hmm. Guess I shouldn't have said that." She replied dryly.

You'd have to know my granny to know that the way she replied was almost as funny as what Seth was saying.

Guess she shouldn't have. But it was funny.

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