Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Inheritance

I've discovered an anomaly in my brain. And I've discovered it's genetic.

The other day the subject of "penguins" came up. I can't recall exactly how it started, but I think it was another question from my inquisitive daughter. The question was: where do penguins live?

And my answer: "The North Pole."

I thought my husband would have a conniption. He razzed me endlessly and informed me that he would be the one to teach science to the kids. Be my guest, I thought. I then quickly did an internet check to make sure he knew what he was talking about. He is wrong occasionally, after all.

He was right (aw, sick!). They live in the Antarctica, which is in the South Pole (just in case anybody else didn't know).

After that, he said, "I wonder how your sisters would answer that question?" And I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

I called my oldest sister. She failed me - sort of. I asked her the question: "Where do penguins live?" She was very suspicious, but answered: "In the Antarctica". I was shocked and impressed. Then I asked, "Where is the Antarctica?" She replied, "Why are you asking me, what's this about?" (which is just her way of getting out of answering) and then proceeded to ask those she was with the answer to that question. And those people were geniuses, like my husband, and answered correctly.

That night at prayer meeting I asked one of my nieces the same question. I'll not embarrass her by revealing which niece, only one other person heard my question and I'm sure they don't read my blog, so they're safe. They answered:

"The North Pole."

I howled with laughter. She didn't fail me.

Today I finally got ahold of my youngest sister. This was becoming rather fun, after all. I asked her the million dollar question: "Where do penguins live?"

She answered, "The Antarctica." I was stunned. Wow! I mean, she didn't have time to look up the answer before she answered or anything. Then I asked her, "Where is the Antarctica?" Her reply:

"The North Pole."

Now, I knew deep down inside that she wouldn't fail me. Really. She was the one I was counting on the most. She is the one, after all, that I could probably say, "did you know that penguins fly?", or "did you know that you can teach penguins how to talk, like parrots?" and she would likely reply, "Really?!"

Well, since there seemed to be a mutant gene in our family tree, I decided tonight to ask my mother that question. After all, this defect must come from somewhere, right? So I asked her, "Mom, where do penguins live?" And her reply.....................


There you go. Point made.

At least her offspring knew they couldn't live in Jamaica.


Laura said...

Yah, Mom!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing we were never home schooled huh!!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go girls!! I knew there was a reason why I love y'all so much!! I'm not sure the gene is genetic only. It exists in my family too!!

Darla said...

I was waiting for the home schooling thing to be mentioned, Lana. It's a good thing that home schooling was virtually unheard of in our day, right? And that Dave will be doing the maths (algebra & geometry stuff) and the sciences in this house.

And Rachel, be honest. Since your family has the mutant gene, does that mean you would have answered the North Pole, too?

Anonymous said...

Honestly? Well, I probably would have been with Granny!!!!

I really do love your blog, Darla. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

Laura said...

Excuse me, but as I recall, I happen to answer correctly so if you are having a problem, don't drag the rest of the family name down! Ha, ha, ha! And mom was right to because penguins are zoos!