Sunday, June 15, 2008

Silly Pictures

Seth with his mask that came with his Ninja Turtle pajamas.

Seth is playing his "harmonica" that he built with his blocks.

Don't know if my sister will kill me or not, but I did her hair one day for a special scrapbooking bazaar (or whatever it's called). You were able to dress in any era and she chose the 1940's. She printed pictures off the internet to give me some clue how to do it. Here are a couple of pictures.

Here's "Hilda-the-Hun". I think that suits it, don't you?

Hannah's shopping list she started for me. The crossed out word is supposed to be "butter". The last word is supposed to be "bread". Guess we need to work on some spelling.

Ever since Seth has learned how to spell his name his spells it everywhere on anything. He regularly spells it on the fridge.

One of Hannah's "Mom I Love You" notes that I have around the house. Quality of the picture is not good, unfortunately.

Hannah being a goof. Again, picture quality is lacking.

One of Seth's most favourite

Seth, lying like an angel, posing for a picture of him in his "big-boy-bed". I thought maybe I'd paint his room next year, but since painting the living room/hallway, I'll likely wait a while to let him have at least one room where banging the walls isn't the end of the world.

Their favourite hiding place. Seth still can't figure out how I find him and always asks, "Mom, how did you find us?"

Lastly, we had a very nice Father's Day. I made hubby breakfast (only pancakes, but hey, that counts for something since it's Sunday morning and there is always a rush for church). The kids and I gave him a card from each of us (we've decided to cut back on gifts for each other). After church he decided to go to Burger King - I know, thrillsville, but it was his choice and his original choice of having a weiner roast in the park was pretty hard with all the bad weather we've had with it being muddy - and ended with having dessert at McNally Robinson bookstore because we both received gift cards for Mother's Day/Father's Day at church. Then after church we went for a walk in our neighbourhood with the kids on their scooters. All in all, it was a very pleasant family time that we really needed.

While Seth was having cheerios before bed, I noticed he was patting down his cereal. He picked this up from his dad, who pats down his cereal practically before every mouthful. As he was patting it down, he said, "Mom, I'm floofing".

"Floofing?" I asked.

"Yes, floofing." He repeated.

"What is floofing?" I asked.

"It's doing this." And he was patting down his cereal like daddy.

"Oh, so that's what it's called." I said.

I guess it's better to floof like daddy, than fluff like daddy, what do you think?

And finally, since it's Father's Day, I thought I'd perhaps risk my marriage by posting this goofy picture of Dave and the kids.

Happy Father's Day to an incredible dad. Someone who loves them so much he is willing to cut back work hours and struggle financially in order to spend time with his kids. Some people might not think that is valuable, but I do. And in the long run so will they because they need their daddy more than they need "stuff".


Laura said...

She says she posted these pictures of me more for her artistic ability, but I say this calls for WAR! I have a few blackmail pictures and believe me, I'll find them.

The kids are hilarious (of course) and I absolutely love Seth's harmonica! The grocery list cracks me up but mostly makes me girls did lots of stuff like that. Great fond memories for me.

Not much I can say about that husband of yours except that he is just....special! Ain't gettin' around that!! Ha, ha, ha!

You made me laugh once again Dar!

Mrs. Wizzle said...

I'd say Dave is Verry Spaacial,

and on a serious note valuable. Keep it up guys! That means you too Darla!

Darla said...

I knew you'd have to get me back, Laura. Now I'm wondering if I just shouldn't remove those pictures of you - ????

And yes, Mrs. Wizzle, Dave is "Verry Spaacial", I agree.

Rachel said...

Im going to start calling you a certain deceased elderly lady who used to be a member of our church... cuz you always use the word "hubby"

Darla said...

Ah, it was "honey" dear, not "hubby" that our dear departed sister used to say.

Maybe I should start to call you by your namesake, too. You share the first name, only her last name is "Lynde".

Ha, ha. I am just kidding, too, by the way.