Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome To Arizona

The land of cacti, palm trees, deserts and bush. A state of very hot, dry summers and mild, warm winters. A land of NO SNOW. A land thought ugly by many, but very beautiful to this prairie girl.

I absolutely loved Phoenix.

Here is the only picture you'll see of me. I could wear sandals and no nylons and believe me, I celebrated.

Lemon trees! I almost felt like picking it!

Beautiful palm trees just outside the Phoenix Zoo.

Anyone know what this plant is? I thought it beautiful and unique.

My girl, enjoying a ride on a carousel.

Love, love, love this picture of my boy.

My "three", hiding in a cave at the zoo in Phoenix.

I love her smile.


Steve Irwin would have been proud.

Enjoying a ride on a camel.

Like I said, I loved Phoenix. Maybe it's because I expected not to, as I had been told just prior to leaving how ugly it was. Imagine being able to go to a land, mid winter (and a harsh one at that), temperatures around 20 degrees C, walk around unique landscaping, without nylons, AND NO MOSQUITOS! That is one reason alone to love Phoenix.

I still hate flying. And airports, especially the Minneapolis Airport. But if I had to endure the 12 hour trip both there and back, at least I got to be warm for a few days.

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Laura said...

Where's the porpoise pictures? I thought for sure you were going to post those.

Sure like the pictures of the zoo. Too bad you couldn't have traded hubby in for a free airfare or something...just kidding. I suppose you needed hime to help carry all the luggage and to help drive home. lol.

Glad you are home. Missed you something aweful. You would think we were twins or something.

Your favoritest sister.