Friday, February 6, 2009

A Time To Weep

Folks, I sincerely apologize. I have intended to leave "issues" alone for a while, and in fact, have something brewing in my brain about my daughter. However, I happened to read one of my favourite bloggers tonight, Jeff Schreiber at, whom in my opinion is one of the most balanced and factually accurate writers that I have found. He wrote an article that hurts me to the depths of my soul, and I find myself unable to just let it go.

This is not for the "faint of heart".

I'll keep my opinions to myself, although the post speaks for itself.

God bless all. Parents, hold your babies close tonight. Good night.


Rachel Peterson said...

This hit me pretty hard. I like how he added at the end the part about the crucifix and Obama-Biden bumper sticker. This is disgusting.
They will have the murder of this baby on their hands.
Abortion clinics are the most despicable places on the face of the earth. There are two doctors in Saskatoon who perform abortions. That should say something. The Post-Abortion stress that girl is going to go through will haunt her for the rest of her life. Abortion clinics do not even attempt to provide other alternatives. They do not counsel women, they do not do anything but advertise the "quick and easy". This makes my blood boil.

Darla said...

Believe me, Rachel, it's even harder to read when you've carried your own babies for nine months, kept up with their development throughout the pregnancy, and then held that unbelievable miracle in your arms.

Some things are beyond comprehension.

Rachel Roberts said...

A chilling and unsettling article that goes to show how inhumane humans really are.