Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Charmer

Take a look at that handsome little face. Who couldn't love a little guy like this? This boy of mine regularly turns me into mush with the charming things he says to me. At lunch today, he looked across the table at me and, out of the blue, said:

"Mom, you sure are cute!" To me. ME. ME, who feels like a 600 pound heifer.

Totally smitten, I replied, "Well, my boy sure is handsome."

To which he responded with, "My mom sure is handsome, too!"

When he says things like this to me, he could have just finished a huge art project on his bedroom walls, or perhaps cut the hair off of his sister's dolls, or even tried to flush his beach ball down the toilet - and I would still think him the best, most wonderful boy that God ever gave a mom.

And God gave him to me. Imagine that?


Rachel Peterson said...

God made little boys cute so mothers would not be tempted to kill

Darla said...

We're still tempted sometimes, believe me, Rach.

Rachel Roberts said...

Oh, so sweet!

Mothers are the most beautiful heroines in their child's eye, there is definitely no doubt about that.

Darla said...

Yes, Rachel, and thank God for that. (At least until they hit that dreaded puberty, then we become the BIG BAD BOOGER).

By the way, you are looking great. I can definitely see the weight loss in your face. Congrats.

Rachel Roberts said...

Ah, yes... Puberty. NOT looking forward to that stage of parenting.

Thank you for the compliment! ;o) I'm feeling the changes for sure.

! V r e n said...

That was absolutely adorable!!I "Awwwwed"!! =D

Amanda said...

I like what Rachel said -- and I agree! The wonderful things about little boys is that they say and do things to make you love them over and over and over again.

Mcguffey said...

Aw!! I loved this post and in fact it kinda inspired me to post some pictures of one of my little boys on my blog....Dont mean to brag or anything but isnt he cute????

Loved your blog I am an Apostolic Hschooling mommy too!!

Graceful Threads said...

Thanks for leaving the kind comment on my blog!

Darla said...

Vren: You always make my day when you stop by with your sweet comments!

Amanda: Yes, Seth has no problem turning me to mush daily. I know that sometimes I tends to blog about the frustrating or funny things about him more, but there is no doubt that he says things daily to make me love him even more.

Mcguffy: Hello to my fellow homeschooling mom! I stopped by your blog and yes, your boys are cuties! I especially loved the T-shirt your son had on that said "unsocialized homeschooler". By the way, I saw Bro. Pixler in one of your pictures - is he your pastor? I love his preaching & singing. I am definitely bookmarking your blog.

Graceful Threads: You're welcome. I need blogs like yours to help me remember to be sweeter at times. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be visiting your blog regularly.