Friday, February 6, 2009

Poetry For A Princess

I did not intend to post twice tonight, but I finished my little project earlier than I thought so I decided to go ahead and post it.

I realized that I have written a couple of poems about my son, but none about my daughter. It's a silly little poem, but written with much love, and one in the "scrapbook of life" that I want her to keep forever. I want her to remember what she was like at this stage of her life, and what her mother thought of her.

Poetry For A Princess
(Dedicated to my almost 7-year-old daughter)

It struck me a little while ago
How odd it seemed to be;
That my little lass loves a lot of things
That begin with the letter "P".

Morning usually comes with a hungry girl
Who first thing when she awakes -
Gets out of bed to find her mom
To request her favorite pancakes.

Breakfast now past, she starts her chores
And begins by making her bed,
Arranging her pillows close, she exchanges her bear,
Opting for her pony instead.

After time on the bus and working on school
She then has some time for play;
She'll start with her Polly Pockets, then drag out a puzzle
Just in time to put it all away.

When it's time for lunch she'll put in a request
And anything with a "P" will do,
But she'll settle for a sandwich so long as some pickles
Can add a layer or two.

The fact is that much of the foods that she loves
Begin with that letter "P",
Such things like pizza or perogies or even green peppers,
These are just to name three.

And if you give her first choice of colors
Before you started playing your game,
It would be pink or purple - thank you very much,
Blue and green are much too tame.

She's Petunia to her mama, who loves her so much
Although many pet names will do;
She's precious, she's pleasant, she's pretty-near-perfect.....
Sweet Princess, this poem is for you.



Laura said...

Rosie is a special little girl who is growing up way to fast. I love her unique character that is developing and can't wait to see what God grows her into as a young woman.

Nat said...

This poem is beautiful, you are a talented writer! Just blink and she will no longer be that little girl, but an emerging young lady!!

Darla said...

Why thank you, Natalie! What a pleasant surprise that you stopped by my blog.

Thanks for your kind words.