Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twas The Night Before Camp Meeting

It's camp meeting time again and today I got thinking about how many camp meetings I have been to - 25. I have never missed any. And every year the same pre-camp meeting chaos rules. I stay up late the night before getting ready, much of which with proper organization could be avoided. Now that I have kids it's even more of a challenge, but, it has always been worth it. So, I got this bright idea today to write a poem. I know of a few people who have the same habits as mine and can relate. This is for you - I hope you enjoy.


Twas the night before camp meeting and no one was in bed;
The house was a mess and there was chaos instead.
The stockings were strewn on the bed without care,
Along with nylons, toiletries, and tons of underwear.

The kids were running wild when they should have been asleep;
They were wound up and excited - mom wanted to weep.
They were playing and fighting and hiding and screaming,
Their faces lit up and their smiles just a-beaming.

When suddenly from the bedroom there arose such a clatter;
That mama broke speed records to see what was the matter.
And what to her extreme dismay should she see?
Broken glass where the mirror should be!

All packing had ceased for a decision about whether
To spank some kids’ bums or bang heads together.
But calmness prevailed and mom just shook her head;
And kissed them both soundly and tucked them in bed.

So with relative peace she continued her chore –
To take just six shirts, or to pack six more?
Going through her closet - well it had been a while;
And it soon became evident she was way out of style.

Wishing she’d made time for that trip to the mall;
Because last year’s skirts had shrunk five sizes too small!
She packs what she has with a shake of her head -
She’ll have to settle for her old clothes instead.

While she continues her work the dryer starts “dinging”;
So she carts up the final clothes that she’s bringing.
Ten loads of laundry later, she thinks that she’s done
And can finally finish the packing that she has begun.

As she zips up her suitcases with very big sigh;
Her son, who should be sleeping, lets out a loud cry.
“Mom! I want you!” He wails in distress;
So mom must pause again in the midst of her mess.

When finally settled, she sneaks out in relief -
To face the big mess that has brought her such grief.
The luggage is piled up high on the floor;
She moves the bags over to make room for some more.

She tackles the dishes and picks up some toys,
Trying her best not to make any noise.
At last the house is tidy and she is finally through;
When she remembers that she has one more thing to do.

It’s off to the Shopper’s that’s open all night;
She needs hairspray to ensure that her hair is just right.
Toothpaste and Tylenol for the occasional headache;
It’s like she buys out the store – for goodness sake!

She finally goes home - weary and beat;
She has a quick bath and then rests her feet.
She’s been working for days for this yearly event;
Camp meeting is here – but her energy’s spent!

Now, I must clarify - none of my clothes are five sizes too small. However, all of them still fit and the plan really was for them to be too big. I also must clarify that my kids have never broken a mirror - again I was using poetic licence.

I really wanted to add in there somewhere that it's post-camp meeting tradition for some people to leave the suitcases unpacked for weeks - (maybe even months?) but it just didn't fit.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. I'm away to camp next week all a good night!


Laura said...

Love it! I am going to scrap mine...laundry piles, luggage in living room, trying to get the perescribed three bags per person stuffed into the vehicle! Definately well worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

Yes it always was a Camp tradition to leave the suitcases packed for quite awhile after Camp...but I know I did it just because you go thrugh such effort to get it packed anyway, only to live out of it for 1 week, I just felt I should enjoy that feeling of living out of a suitcase for much longer...that is the only reason I did it.


Darla said...

Laura: Is the scrapbook page for me or you?

Lana: Can't believe you're commenting from good old Mel-ville! Have a great long weekend and I'll see you in a week.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I can TOTALLY relate!! Except my house is like that any time we go out of town, not just at camp time. What's really frustrating is when all that work is only for a weekend, not a longer period of time... sigh.... It is all worth it in the end.

And I still have a suitcase upstairs from several weeks ago... That's an embarrassing confession, but I really like the way Lana "justifies" it!!!! RG

Laura said...

I envy you guys. You know who I am married soon as we get home, the grass is cut the bags are unpacked and the car is washed. Life isn't fair!!! Just kidding, he actually left his bag unpacked for several weeks the last time he went away! Yes, we are talking about my dear husband!

Mrs. Wizzle said...

Definitely! And then.... tell me do you ever use everything that is in those suitcases? I get aggravated at myself cause I usually have stuff that never gets out of the suitcase until I get home again. Sis K packs in a carry on to go to places like Europe and Israel, although she did admit to packing more to go to church service trips!

Lana and Rachel, sure wish you were packing to be here with us! Miss you both!

Laura, men are disgusting cause they can pack in 5 minutes and unpack in 3. Guess who does the laundry done and has all the toiletries in the house for them..... It ain't the fairygodmother!

Darla said...

Okay, I must confess that in all of my single years I didn't unpack my suitcase for a while, although I must say Lana that your reasoning sounds a little bit...uh...different. I was just too plain lazy. Now, however, I do pack as soon as I get home because there's just too much with the kids' stuff to leave for any length of time.

And no, that is one line I should have put in the poem - I NEVER use everything I bring. I take so much because I'm not sure what "mood" I'll be in!

Thanks ladies for commenting.

Darla said...

Uh, I mean "unpack", not "pack". Oops.