Monday, August 11, 2008

Scary Monsters

At bed time tonight, Seth told me that he didn't want to go because "there were monsters in his bedroom". He talks about monsters off and on like any normal child, but this was the first time he didn't want to go to bed because of them. We had a conversation that went something like this:

"There are no monsters in your bedroom, baby, because I was just in there. And remember, Jesus is with you and He's much BIGGER than the monsters. He'll take care of you." I said.

"Jesus is bigger than the monsters?" Seth asked.

"Much, much, bigger." I answered.

"I don't like monsters, mom, but I don't mind ghosts. Ghosts don't scare me. Ghosts have ears and noses like I have (I'm not quite sure how he arrived at this conclusion but am not about to question his logic). Monsters have scary faces (he demonstrated just HOW scary - I almost trembled) and scary ears!" Seth emphasized.

In contemplating where the thought of monsters came from, I remembered him listening to a Scoobie Doo book on tape that he got for Christmas from his Auntie Donna, but it had been a while since I let him listen to it because of the emphasis on monsters. For some infathomable reason, monsters were on his mind tonight.

When he was in bed, daddy, Hannah and I knelt beside his bed and prayed, which is our normal routine. Daddy made special mention to Jesus about how BIG He was and that He could take care of the monsters and asked Him to watch over Hannah and Seth. As I was kissing him goodnight, his little brain was still working.

"Mom, is Jesus going to make the monsters go away?" He asked.

"Yes, Seth. Jesus is going to send the monsters away. He's going to take good care of you." I replied. Then I decided to try to change the subject. I said, "Remember all the airplanes you saw while we were in Calgary?" We just came home from camp meeting and while there stayed in a hotel in the airport area. Seth was totally fascinated by all the planes he saw taking off and landing every day.

"Yes. The airplanes flew up into the sky, over the water and then fell into the water!" he said.

"Fell into the water? No they didn't Seth. Why would you think they fell into the water?" I asked.

"Because there were MONSTERS in them!" He replied.

Hmm. Obviously I wasn't quite succeeding and hoped I wasn't in for a long evening. Just as I was leaving his room, he called me back to inform me that,

"Mom, I just saw Jesus send the monsters out of my room! And Hannah's room!"

"That's wonderful, Seth." I said. "See how Jesus takes care of you?"

So far I haven't heard a squawk from his room. Jesus took care of it.

I cannot imagine what he would be like if he watched TV.


Laura said...

I almost choked on my chips when I read this post! This one made me laugh...again. I miss the goobers aven after spending a whole week with a boy who has pretty much one volume..."LOUD" and I had to constantly remind him that, yes people were sleeping and he needed to use his "inside voice" while walking down the hallway. Yup, the week went very fast! Never a dull moment.

Darla said...

In my post-camp meeting tiredness, I would be truly thankful to have a "dull" moment.