Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Flowers For His Princess

I bought this globe puzzle for Hannah about a year ago as a project we could work on together. She has always been very good at puzzles. By age four she was doing 150 piece puzzles and was getting bored with them. I couldn't find any puzzles that were 200 pieces and the 300 piece puzzles were a bit too much for her, so I bought her this one as a project we could work on together. It has 240 pieces and can be a bit tricky.

When we tried it a year ago she got frustrated very easily and I ended up finishing it by myself. It was actually more difficult than I thought, even though the pieces were numbered, because it required dexterity and precision for the whole thing not to collapse.

Today she decided again to do it. I was really, really impressed. She stuck with the task for 2-3 hours and did it, all by herself. She did not want my help at all. She did not get impatient, even once.

I didn't realize until today that the age on this puzzle said 12 and up. Pretty good for a 6-year-old if I might say so myself. And yes, I guess I am bragging, but it's my blog and that's partly what it's for.

On another note, this year I went to camp meeting by myself with the kids and Dave stayed home to try and get some work done. Perhaps I'll post more on camp meeting when I get all my thoughts in order. Anyway, on the way home I stopped in Kindersley to call him and tell him we'd be two more hours. I did this so that he would be HOME. In the past when we've been gone he hasn't always been home when we've arrived and that has been a huge disappointment to the kids and I. This time I wanted him to have plenty of warning and no excuse for not being there.

When I rounded the corner to our house, I saw that his truck wasn't there and was instantly ticked. I came in and tried to call him. He didn't answer. Then his truck pulled up, so I decided to try not to show my disappointment. Am I ever glad that I didn't.

As it turned out, I had no reason to be disappointed. He ran out at the last minute to get some flowers. Not just for me, but for his little princess as well (he got his little prince a toy). Well, you should have seen Hannah's excitement. This was the first time she'd received flowers and daddy definitely succeeded in making her feel pretty special.

The bouquet on the right is mine and the one on the left is Hannah's. Pretty awesome, huh?

And yes, I was excited, too. After all, Dave used to be the expert flower-giver and broke all records for anyone else I knew but had slacked off....somewhat....as of late. This made up for it.

Overall, it was a very nice homecoming.


Laura said...

I am quite impressed with Hannah's accomplishement! That is quite a feat and I rarely do puzzles because they require PATIENCE...something I sorely lack for a project like that.

Wait a go Rosie!!!!!

Darla said...

Truthfully, Laura, her 150 piece puzzle is about the max for me, too (could that be why I found the globe one so difficult?). I am not into puzzles. In fact, "Rosie" usually informs me the "correct" way to do the puzzle. It has to be just like grandma taught her.

Mrs. Wizzle said...

kudos to Hannah AND Dave!

In the Light Photography said...

awe...thats so cute!

Thomasd said...

awwwwwwwwwwww :-)

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

What a smart little girl you have! That globe puzzle is a rather big accomplishment for a 6 year old! Wow!

rrgoff06 said...

Yay for Hannah- she's a bigger woman than I!! I like puzzles, but don't have the patience for them. (How's that for woman's logic??)

Sniff, sniff..... What a thoughtful husband you have! Just when you think they aren't "dating" you anymore, they pull a fast one that makes your head spin all over again! Wonderful, isn't it?


Darla said...

Wow, comments from three Rachel's in one post! Thanks, ladies!

And Thomas - can't believe you're commenting on my blog. Thanks.