Monday, August 25, 2008

Seth's Quips.....& Kisses

A couple of nights ago in prayer meeting, Seth was looking in the back of the church where he saw one of the men sitting. I guess it must have been a different view or something, because it's just like Seth noticed something for the first time. He turned to me and excitedly said,

"MOM, LOOK! HE ONLY HAS HALF A HEAD! LOOK MOM!" This man only has a little bit of hair and is completely bald on the top of his head, which is what prompted Seth's enthusiastic remark.

I could not help but chuckle, although I did try to restrain it. That only encouraged my little comedian.

"Mom, I said something funny didn't I?" He asked. "Mom, I made a joke, didn't I?" He was very pleased with himself.

He really needs very little prompting and is very quick to pick up on a snicker of any sort. That's why I try so hard not to encourage him. His remarks can be quite embarrassing at times.


Tonight while getting out of the tub after his bath, he said, as he quite often does,

"Mom, I got bat-tized, didn't I?"

Quite often his bath brings up the discussion about baptism where he lists all the people he's recently seen get baptized. It usually ends with something like,

"Mom, am I going to get bat-tized?"

To which I reply,

"Whenever you're ready, Seth. It's up to you. Mom won't make you get baptized."

"Good. I don't want to get bat-tized, mom." He replies seriously. I quite expect this because he has a very healthy respect for water and hates getting it on his face.

I quite enjoy these little bat-tism conversations.


My son begins and ends every day with kisses. He barely has his eyes open in the morning when he starts. On the way to bed every night (he still likes me to carry him) he smothers my cheeks some more. He kisses me throughout the day, all day long. Even when he's irritable, he finds it necessary to kiss me. Every night, the last thing we do before I leave his room is our kiss routine: I kiss his forehead, chin, nose and both cheeks. He then has to do it to me. Any change in the order of the kisses results in giggles and belly laughs.

There is not a time when I do not end my day with a smile on my face because of my son's affection (although he tries me severely if he gets into his "calling me back to his room a thousand times routine").

He has not changed in this way since he was born. I say that because his big sister has changed a lot since she was little - she used to very unaffectionate but now loves being hugged and saying "I love you" a hundred different ways. I really, really hope he doesn't change because I do believe this part of his nature will in the long term make him a much better husband and father.

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