Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There has been so much going on in the last couple of weeks that I'm just plain worn out. First there was a week of camp meeting. A few days after I got back from camp, I rewrote my Class 3 written exam (I will not state how many times I had to rewrite the dumb thing, but it was a few...), and I went for my road test for my Class 2 licence because I'm starting to drive a school bus in this new school year. Fortunately, I passed it on the first try which I am thankful for because it was really stressing me out. My kids have been sick, especially Hannah, who spent one day fevered with a sore throat, two days throwing up, and now is back to having a sore throat. Seth's throat has been sore, as well, although not quite as bad. Thank goodness for a good friend who helped me clue in to the fact that there was a good chance they have strep throat. Me, with all of my experience working in a doctor's office, did not think of this (duh!). I have never had strep throat and neither have my kids, so that is my excuse. I am now waiting to hear the official results on whether their throat swabs are positive, but I'll be very surprised if they're not.

My son is driving me crazy. Both my kids freak out at any type of flying insect, although Hannah is very definitely improving in this. She even stood still while a bee buzzed around her because she took her daddy's advice when he told her that she stood a greater chance of getting stung if she freaked out than if she stood still. I was very proud of her. However, Seth is completely out of control in this area and I believe is worse than his sister ever was. The other day we all went for a walk and the kid was so worked up about the bugs that by the end of the walk he was imagining that they were on his ear, in his hair, on his hat, etc. It really is to the point where he does not enjoy the outdoors at all. It's at times like this that I really am looking forward to winter because I'm sure that one of these days his sudden shrieks are going to either send me over the bridge into the river if I'm driving, or on the ground with a heart attack if I'm not. Please keep me in your prayers.

I'm planning to restart Hannah's school in a few weeks, after I establish some sort of routine with my bus route. They'll be able to come with me on my run, which is why I chose to give bus driving a try. In between my morning and afternoon runs is when I plan to do school.

I realize that I'm just rambling, which at this point is the best I can do because I'm writing with a massive headache. I've got a half dozen thoughts for different posts running through my brain, but I'll write them when I can make a half decent sentence.

Consider this a newsy update. Adios.

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Laura said...

Miss you, will be home tomorrow plan to spend some time with you in friday.