Sunday, December 13, 2009

200th Post

Song: (Tune to Rain, Rain, Go Away)

Cold, cold, go away
And find yourself in Montego Bay
I'm so cold
Yes, I'm so cold
I won't be going out today

My darling husband went to Princess Auto today because he decided to buy himself one of these hats. Only in black and not quite so fashionable.

The only problem is that he decided to buy FOUR of them. One for him. One for Hannah. One for Seth.


Hmm. Special. I can't wait to wear it next time to church.

Yes. I'm still supremely ticked that it's still STINKIN' cold.


Anonymous said...

Sweet....I am totally jealous. Tell Hannah the next time she is lippy, she has to walk into any store with you with this hat on, AND her safety vest from the bus. It's too bad you did not have the 4 hats for family pictures for Mom's present. We could have had a collage of photo's from The Stewarts, The Petersons, The Fehrs & The Winners. Although Amanada & Melissa would have probably not acknowledged that you were family lol.....

Laura said...

Or we could have at least pretended that we were the "long lost" family ancestors. I might actually borrow one of those to use in "situations" for my kids! lol.

Darla said...

I think Hannah is more embarrassed of her vest than her hat, funny enough. And actually, I have said we need at least one family picture with these dorky hats on.

Although I don't know why cuz I know my sisters would use it for blackmail.......

QuicklyHome said...

Pictures of the whole family sporting the hats please.... I dare ya!

Darla said...

Funny thing is, if I would have had someone able to take the picture of us four, I would have posted this post with that picture. That was my original intention.

I may just surprise you yet....:)