Monday, July 6, 2009


This is my boy. And so help me, if he ever gets ahold of a Calvin and Hobbes book, it will be immediately burned. He has enough material of his own without the help of his twin.

I do believe that he is getting more mischievous as the days go by. DAYS. Not months or years. DAYS. All day today he had a smug grin on his face, just itching to push his sister's buttons. Usually it's my buttons, but today it was hers because she was having a particularly hard day and he zeroed in on it. Tonight while he was having a bath, I made Hannah clean up Seth's blocks because she was the one who used them. She had them all ready to put in their proper containers when she realized that the containers were nowhere to be found. She asked her brother where they were and he replied, sporting his USUAL grin, that he "hid them". She was getting frustrated, so I told her not to let him see her frustration (since I'm the expert at hiding it myself). We hunted the house high and low, trying to be sneaky about it, and eventually found them. He thought it was all a hoot, even though I had told him that if they weren't found by the time he was done his bath he was going straight to bed.

It has become obvious that he has two main goals in life: to get into mischief OR to make people laugh. He says things all the time that crack people up (myself included, although I try hard not to let him see). A little while ago while I was correcting him, he informed me that I wasn't the "boss to him". That his "father was his boss". That I was only the "boss of his sister."

All with that STINKIN' GRIN.

Last week we went to the Dairy Queen with my aunt while visiting in Regina. It was closing time and the staff was waiting for us to leave so they could lock the door so, as I was walking out the door, I apologized to the man waiting. Seth, who was coming up behind me, looked up at the man and said,

"You sure are a good man!"

Again, with that STINKIN' GRIN.

Of course, we all laughed. He was immensely satisfied, proven by his, "I made a funny joke, mom, didn't I?" comment to me.

He doesn't always crack his one-liners to be sassy. Much of them are quite sweet, like this last comment. He is fun to be around, and most people enjoy his company because he is so entertaining. The problem is that I really don't want him to always be seeking attention and I'm just not sure if this is something I can do anything about.

Fast and pray (and turn my hair grey). Or laugh along with him (or in the privacy of my bedroom when he can't see).

Sure makes life interesting.


Laura said...

I'm sure comedians make a decent wage. Good luck with keeping him away from Calvin...after all I know someone else who was his favorite and he turned out okay. Now you know why you have more grey hair than I do. Hee, hee, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Darla said...

And who is that? (And I assume you mean that Calvin was HIS favorite and not the other way around.....)