Wednesday, July 22, 2009

P.E.A.K. Youth Conference 2008 - Holy Ghost Explosion!

The youth are off to the P.E.A.K. Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a clip of last year's conference. I really pray they have a move of God like they did last year, as evidenced by this clip.


palmtreequeen1 said...

OMW!!!! That is incredible!! Wish I was there! I could feel the Holy Ghost right thru the computer!! We hope to make it next year!

Carlee said...

Best conference you could ever go to, even if your NOT youth. This is the second year of the conference and they almost need another building already because this one is already nearing capacity! Hopefully we can all go next year!

Darla said...

It's awesome that you're so excited, Carlee. I was able to listen to Thurs. & Fri. on Holy Ghost Radio. The services were both so anointed and I was very excited for you all.

This is something that Dave & I are definitely going to have to consider for the future as our kids get older.

Have fun in Kansas!