Monday, July 13, 2009


P.S.: On my last post I said that when Hannah figured out that the exact middle of the piano keyboard was RIGHT IN THE CRACK, she would inform her teacher. Well, she figured it out today and let me in on it, so I'm sure she'll inform her teacher at her next lesson. In fact, she counted all 88 keys, several times to be sure, and then told me that it was "impossible for a piano key to be in the exact middle, because there were 88 keys, and that meant that a crack was the exact middle".

What can I say? I guess I know my OCD daughter very well.


! V r e n said...

Hahaha! Darla, that's hilarious! Love these kids. Seems like you never have a dull moment!

Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

Your kid stories are so funny. What characters they are!!

Darla said...

Ladies: Don't know if it's just my kids that are funny, it's probably just because I tell all the world about it!

Thanks for your comments.

Laura said...

I guess we'll see if her teacher can keep up with her. Not worth her "salt" if she can't. I say one mighty intelligent niece I have there.