Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Lately I've taken a bit of an unintentional hiatus from blogging. I have so many ideas for new posts, but quite frankly they've all been of the serious, soul-searching variety. I seem to go through these phases periodically where I just have to quit clowning around. When I have my serious thoughts in order, I'll blog one or two.

The other reason I haven't posted anything new is because sometimes I feel like I'm repeating myself. I mean, how many of Seth's cute sayings can I write about? I honestly feel like that would be my main material right now because lately he's come up with some real humdingers. Things like:

"Mom, I am being haviour!" when I had a chat with him about his behaviour.

And saying, "Mom, I would be so honoured!" when I reminded him that he didn't have to go to bed just yet because his BIG sister had to go to bed before him (because of some behavioural issues). The kid cracks me up daily, believe me.

And there you have it: I managed to get two of his cute sayings in after all.

I have also begun training to be a school bus driver and find myself very mentally weary. After all, studying a driver's manual and "bus driver rules" can be very tiresome. This is a good opportunity for me to help out a little bit financially because I can take my kids with me on my run. The kids, of course, are very excited about going on a school bus. I'm sure that won't last after the third morning of getting up earlier than usual, but their excitement is nice for the moment, anyway.

So, when I get my thoughts in order, and when I find some new funny kid stuff to blog about, and when my middle-aged brain isn't so fuzzy from studying........I'll write something interesting.

Until then......


Mrs. Wizzle said...

You will be able to add bus driver funnies as well as Seth funnies to your blog. Write his sayings down. Even if you have some every day. Do a special category on each blog. It's OKAY Stop worrying about us, the reader, and remember this is for the future. I guarantee if you don't write them down you won't remember them.

Laura said...

I ditto Mrs. Wizzle's comments. Even though I usually hear about them before you post them (about Seth) I still howl when I read them...I know I am just the auntie but I can gaurantee there are a few cousins and friends who read and laugh just as hard!

Darla said...
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Darla said...

Believe me, I have already thought about my future posts entitled: "Tales From A School Bus" and am looking forward to it.

Thanks, ladies for your moral support.