Thursday, July 10, 2008

Silly Walk

Tonight I went for a walk around the neighbourhood with my darlings.

It started with Hannah, who suggested we play "follow the leader". So, with Hannah as the leader, Seth and I followed her, sticking our arms out to the sides and going in circles - trying our hardest to imitate her.

Then it was Seth's turn to lead. He did his usual "monkey dance" down the sidewalk with Hannah and I paying strict attention to detail, resulting in three apes walking down the sidewalk.

Then they insisted that I lead. That was a hoot. I made up every move imaginable. Arms and legs were flailing in every direction, much to the amusement of my daughter. She was so impressed, she said, "Wow mom, are you ever good at thinking up new moves!"

Now while we were doing our silly walk, my mind went back to our church fun night a couple of years ago when the youth put on a skit with the same name. In the skit, a man came to talk to the Minister of Silly Walks, requesting funding to improve his silly walk. As a result, a medley of silly walks occurred to show this man how a silly walk really must be done, and to point out his obvious deficiency. It was very well done and extremely funny.

As I'm silly walking down the sidewalk, sometimes following, sometimes leading, I'm trying not to laugh out loud in remembrance of this skit, thinking: "you know, I really believe that my children and I would have qualified for a grant if the Minister of Silly Walks were to see us right now". I also realize how utterly ridiculous I must look to anyone who might happen to be looking out their windows or driving by (although I tried to tone it down a bit if I saw anyone - I do have some pride, after all).

And I think: My kids are having the time of their lives.

And their mother is having the time of her life.

And their mother is also getting wonderful, much needed exercise.

And the last thought I think: Eat your heart out, Leslie Sansone.


Mrs. Wizzle said...

Watch out! If she sees you she will incorporate those moves into her walk! ha ha have fun! What wonderful memories you are making!

Darla said...

Yeah, I'm quite sure I'll asked to be on her next work-out DVD.....hee, hee!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Darla!! I know we mothers still have our pride, but it all seems to go out the window when it comes to our kids. I'm sure you gave them a day that they will treasure... I would have liked to have seen that, though!! Would have been a royal hoot!!!!

Darla said...

It was a royal hoot, believe me. You're right about our mother's pride, it's tested one way or another whether we like it or not. After all, isn't it our little darlings who like to "spill all of our little family secrets?".

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!!! We were at the store the other day, and they usually tie the bags' handles so the canned goods, etc. don't spill out on the drive home. I must have audibly complained because Janessa informed the lady sacking our groceries that, "my mommy doesn't like the bags tied!!!" I was quite mortified!! I know she was trying to help, but... I'll watch my complaints from now on!!!

Amy St. Pierre said...

Now didn't I just say that the other day!?! Being a mother is an exercise video itself! So please tell me why the weight doesn't just melt off...

Darla said...

Amy: The question of the decade! I honestly should be the skinniest woman alive!

Thanks for your comment.

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

In regards to Amy's comment on why moms don't lose weight easier.. I have been asking the same thing!!! If nothing else, I should have some pretty incredible and toned arms with all the lifting and carrying I do. Carseat on my arm along with purse, diaper bag and at least 10 grocery bags while climbing a flight of stairs to our 2nd floor apartment.

I never realized what a job being a mom was. Whew. Makes me tired just thinkin' about it! ;o)


Darla said...

Rachel R: Just wait until you have a baby with a toddler! You have the car seat, diaper bag, grocery bags, and a toddler you pray doesn't run out into traffic! Yikes - can you imagine more than one toddler at a time?

It's loads of fun!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Rachel.