Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

This little helicopter took about 45 minutes for Dave to build.......while Seth watched and observed. Even though the helicopter is small, anyone with legos knows the pieces are small, so the job can be tedious.

We were wondering how long it would take for Seth to take it apart. Surprisingly, he played contentedly with it for a few days, we went away for a few days, and then last night upon arriving home, the first thing he did was go into his bedroom and take his helicopter apart.

He was so tired that I told him he couldn't "rebuild" his helicopter again until today......he had to go to bed. Truthfully, I didn't think he would be able to rebuild it without his dad's assistance.

This morning he got up, shut his door, and came out a short time later with his completed helicopter. Dave told me that he didn't help him at all, that Seth put his helicopter together completely BY MEMORY, and did it absolutely perfect. I must confess to being shocked. It's been almost a week since he watched his dad put it together, he took apart last night, and still remembered everything perfectly today.

This afternoon while Hannah and I laboured delivering 150 flyers (in the -29 C with-the-windchill-temperature......((whine, whine......:)), Dave and Seth built a much bigger fire engine. It took several hours to build.

Now, less than two hours later, Seth has taken it apart. I await in anticipation to see if he can rebuild it on his own.

Somehow, I think he can. I believe he's found his forte.

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