Saturday, January 1, 2011

Normal And Daring

I don't think it's daring, I think it's normal.

I recently read this statement on someone else's blog in defense of their belief. Since then, the comment has stuck in my brain and has made me think of the things that I think are normal. Some of them are very distinctly MY OPINION.

I found this person's belief very interesting, so much so that I believe given the opportunity, I could be "swayed" by their belief. Thus, on this New Year's morning, I decided to compile a list of things I think are normal. Things I am firmly convinced of and the roots of belief run deep. This is not to condemn those in disagreement, but is meant to cause thought. As well, I would be interested to hear what other's view as normal. I love giving thought to something I have never before thought about in a certain way.

Here is a list of eight things that come to mind as being normal to me (in no particular order):

1) I think it's normal to homeschool my children. I think it's daring to send your child to a public school.

2) I think it's normal to breastfeed. I consider it daring to to try to replace mother's perfect-for-their-baby milk, with a one-size-fits-all formula. (Although this is pretty much a societal norm).

3) I think it's normal for a mom to stay at home with her children and for a dad to be the breadwinner. I think it's daring for parents to put their children in daycare.

4) I think it's normal for children to have two parents (a mom and a dad, more specifically) and very daring for a mom to intentionally choose to be a single parent (for the sake of having children).

5)......and we're getting more controversial here.......(bearing in mind there is no malice intended..) I think it's normal for parents to be the main influence of their children....NOT PEERS. This means that I think it's daring for children and youth to spend too much time with other children and youth (yes, even youth groups) because it causes conflict of "influence" between the parent and the peer.

6).....more controversy......I think it's normal for a woman/girl to be distinct from a man/boy in dress and conduct. I think it's daring to blur those lines even a little because of the danger of.....INDISTINCTION.

7) I think it's normal to go to church for every scheduled service. I think it's daring to miss (except for sickness, of course) any of the scheduled services quite simply because we're human and humanity is CARNAL.

8) I think it's normal to have close bonds with your "blood" relatives (despite stinky quirks or traits). I think it's daring not to give special consideration to your family (over friends.....for the most part) because we reap what we sow, and we can fully expect to end up lonely and alone in our old age (because if anyone will stick with you to the end, family will BEFORE a friend). That is a FACT.


Laura said...

And you think I am opinionated and stir things it! You are so right and I agree on everything, event hough I didn't practice it all. Now how is that for hypocritical? Meaning I hadn't thought of some of those things that way you do when my children were small or it may have changed the way I did things.

Wise woman you are.

Darla said...

Hey....wait a minute. My kids aren't adults yet, so I don't know yet if I'm wise. And, I didn't do this to stir things up, but for the very reason you said, "I hadn't thought of some of those things that way". I hadn't thought of most of these things myself either.....someone else did first and I just listened.

And thought 'til my head hurt.

Elisabeth said...

I agree totally with your "normal" beliefs. They are very well said!!!

Laura said...

I know you didn't do it to stir things up. But when things are extreme one way or the other, things tend to get stirred up when standing up for what one believes in. Besides, you always make me think...till my head hurts. Would I do some things different? You bet!

Darla said...

Is that Sis. Mullins commenting on my blog? are too kind! If not, thanks for the comments Elisabeth-whoever-you-are!

Cherylg said...

Greetings Darla.

#1. God has been good to you re this, but what about parents that don't have the ability to homeschool? What then?

#2. Breastfeeding is the intended way to feed your babies if you are able.

#3. YES most certainly the man should be the breadwinner and for the children to be kept out of daycare. This should be normal. However, in our society, not every family has the priviledge to have a dad around to take care of the financial needs. Sometimes there is only the mom there but, if that is the case she could perhaps work in her home to take care of the kids or put her children in a good dayhome that has christian principles. Perhaps, if she is blessed, she could have a brother or parents to help with the family situation, but this is not very common.

#4. God intended children to have 2 parents only. There is so much of a difference with children with 2 parents from what I have seen, if they are doing their job. It is crazy for a woman to choose to have a child to raise by herself. Just ask me, I raised my 3 by myself for a bit and it was a BIG job. My children would be doing MUCH better if I had a man to help!

Now days, unfortunately there are same sex couples raising children - WRONG. God wake them up!!!

#5. I agree, parents should have the main influence on their children so that they make wise choices. PEERS are not where our children should be learning stuff. It is up to the parents prayerfully teach & direct values and decisions that they are to make. (I wish I would have used more prayer in my household.)

#6. AMEN!! WE NEED TO MAKE OUR CHILDREN SEE the importance of being what GOD made us re our male and female distinctions. God made us male and female and we should be proud of our genders.

#7. VEry daring!! Missing church is not cool. SHAME on me cuz I have done it. I do know that I can miss something that can help me in making a wise decision in the future. It could also cause me to miss something that would help me with my spiritual growth.

#8. Having close bonds with blood relatives is a good thing. I would like to have close bonds with my relatives if I knew that they would honor my belief system in a time when I had to lean on them when I am helpless.

Example: When I get old and have to have my unsaved children take me in or siblings. They will put pants on me, cut and dye my hair, set me in front of a TV and not make sure that I go to church that teaches the truth.

I guess this sounds bad and I need to trust in God regarding this time in my life but this is something that I fear. Of course God will not give me more than I should bare, so I should stop fretting re the future.

I do agree, that is God's opinion, the above should be normal. One day we will live in a new world where we won't have to deal with the stuff we do. Can't wait!!!


Sis C

Cherylg said...
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Cherylg said...
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Darla said...

Sis. Cheryl: Almost every point I made has the possibility of extenuating circumstances (except the point that I believe to be God's ABSOLUTE TRUTH, of gender distinction). In fact, I mentioned that originally, but deleted it because I thought that would be understood. The reason I made these points was because sometimes we can go along in life and never really think about doing something out of societal norms. This is certainly true for me. The person whose blog I got the "normal and daring" words from was someone who was advocating home birth. She thought it was normal to have a home birth and daring not do. When I had my children, I went with societal's norms in a hospital delivery, but if I had been exposed to more of this I can honestly say I may have changed my mind. At the very least, I can say that I understand why people promote home birth, and if I was having more kids I honestly would consider it.

Same for homeschooling. The influential people surrounding me homeschooled and I saw the fruits of it. If I hadn't been surrounded by it, it likely wouldn't have even entered my mind. Can every family homeschool? No. They can't. But I do believe that more can than actually do.

I hope this clarifies my intent of the post. Thanks for commenting.

Cherylg said...

Home birth is a good thing, if you are able to do it. I could of had all three of my children at home being I have had healthy deliveries but, I didn't mind having my babies in the hospital. I guess I felt safe there. Like you, maybe if I was exposed to home births more I would have had them at home.

Homeschooling is the way to go if at all possible. If parents can make a way, they should follow that route. In Calgary, I know someone who is teaching in her home for some other parents who can't do it. Also, someone else was talking and said that her language was a barrier and wanted to give up. Another lady offered to help her. So sometimes where there is a will there is a way.

Thank you for this post.