Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Woe Is Me.......:)

I won't ever, ever, EVER let myself get behind with Seth's school work again.


Because of my lack, we are spending a few days ON WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BREAK playing catch up with his school. I fully intend to be done tomorrow. However, before tomorrow comes I may find myself totally bald. In fact, when we finished school today, I walked into the bedroom where my dear hubby is studying (he is off for two weeks, and writes an exam in early January, or so was his excuse reason for being holed up in the bedroom while I slaved away.....:) and pointed to three spots on my head.....warning him in a sinister tone that "very soon there would be no hair there at all".......

He managed a lopsided grin. I guess having a bald wife bothers him not at all.

One half of my brain laughs hysterically at my son. The other half of my brain is in the depths of despair. I am speaking truth. He comes up with such funny things that I dare not crack up about because he needs no encouragement at all to be funny. I also realize, however, that he has far to go regarding some areas of study. Very far.

Today, he was to fill in the blanks. The first question asked (with an accompanying picture) was:

Sally Skunk ate ___________________. He filled the blank with "a cairt". Translated: "a carrot".

The second question: Tim Turtle crawled ____________________. He answered, "ovr a roc". Not a hard one to figure out.

The third question: Billy Beaver swam ____________________. His answer? "In too the loj". Translation......"into the lodge". Lodge? Loj? Why Billy swam into a hotel is a mystery to me.

Fourth question: My teacher's name is _____________. He answered, "darlu", even though he has spelled my name a hundred times. AND in spite of the fact that capitalization has been one of the major focuses right now.......((heavy sigh)).

And finally......my favourite of all that almost sent me into hysterics.....

What is the best part of the day in your class? The best part of the day is_________.

His answer? "rim".

"Rim?" I asked. What is "rim"?

"You know," he answered. "Rhyme." (NOTE: He has been learning root words and suffixes too, but clearly needs help with this as well).

Oh......of course. He loves to rhyme. He certainly does NOT love to spell. He rhymes so much in fact, that there have been some near disasters.

Like when he gets on the "truck" and "duck" rhymes.

Yep. That's when it's time to end.

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Cherylg said...

lol. . .Praying for you Darla. :D