Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hannah's Poem

There once was a girl who sat on a log.
She sat there quite a while when out jumped a frog!
Hello, said the frog do you want to play?
No, said the girl. Just go away.

So the frog went away and made the girl sad.
Not like the frog, he was mad!
And she sat down and began to cry.
She sat quite a while and along came a fly!

Hello, said the fly do you want to play?
Yes, said the girl. Do not go away.
So they played all day and the girl did say.
I will never again say just go away.

Written by: Hannah, age 8
(Original and unedited)


Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

That is amazing, Darla. Good job, Hannah!

QuicklyHome said...

Wow! She is incredibly talented!!

Rachel R said...

impressive! I can see that actually being in a children's book

Darla said...

Thank you ladies. I actually was stunned myself because she just sat down and wrote this in very short order. I've had to realize that just because I want her to write a story doesn't mean she suddenly can get creative. That would be like me trying to write a blog post without any inspiration. I write them when I have something to say. With her, she does not write anything like this during school. She writes it when the "spirit" moves her.

And I absolutely love it.